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Readers Respond: Digital art is better than traditional art because...

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When I was studying Interior Design, I took several drawing classes. I was mortified when the instructor made an example of me in front of the class because most of my drawings were smeared and smudged due my chronically sweaty hands. It even cost me a grade letter in my black and white class. Nowadays, any artwork I do is in a digital medium, and I am thankful I don't have to worry about my sweaty palms smearing the paper any more!

Fill in the blank: Digital art is better than traditional art because ________. Share Your Reasons

One of the original digital artist

Back when I was a freshman and sophomore in high school there was an art show for students in LA. I had the pleasure of having several of my pieces exhibited there when they started to recognize digital art. In the beginning they were just displayed, but over time they began to have contest. My first pieces were simple manipulations, but the last piece I exhibited I spent 6 months working on. I got an honorable mention for that piece. The winner, well he took a prearranged room from a architecture program changed the lighting and printed it up at the last minute. Today we would recognize that as plagiarism...but back then...well, the familiarity with all the different programs was much lower, and so it wasn't recognized for what it was. I didn't complain. It did, however, take me a long time to understand that it wasn't the program or effort that goes into a piece or even how amazing a piece looks that matters. All that matters, all that ever matters is how it moves the viewer.
—Guest Nick F. S. Jr.

Your confidence will build

I think that digital is better because when I work digitally think I draw more freely & comfortably.
—Guest Ded

And now that concludes...

I know lots of people who are masterminds in traditional art. I know lots of people who are a wiz at digital art. But is it THAT much of a big deal? We all have our preferences. For me, I drew traditional for as long as I can remember. I have just recently drawn digitally because of all the tools I needed that was way too expensive. But even though I was good at draw traditionally, I was comfortable drawing digitally. And why is that, you say? It's because everyone is different and unique. Maybe many of us have the same drawing style or interest (such as pop, black and white, physiological, etc), but what we feel most comfortable with is what we should stick with. So the question, "Digital art V.s. Traditional art--which is better?" is the most dumbest question I've heard today. The question shouldn't even be brought up because everyone has their own style, so therefore, this question will NOT be settled peacefully.
—Guest without a name

Art IS Art

Art is art and honestly even if you are terrible at drawing, digital painting doesn't make you magically better. Even when you take your time to make something beautiful digitally, the social stigma of digital is placed on people so of course they don't get as much credit as they should. Art is art we have different mediums and digital software is one of them. You are not high and mighty for using one over the other. Some say it's not hard to draw something digitally but it's not hard to slap paint onto a canvas or carve graphite into a piece of paper. In fact a lot of digital artist do both to create their work. And that is not a bad thing. In fact it's wonderful. Both forms are great for any artist to express themselves and when you combine the two it's even greater!
—Guest Lea

Graphic art.

Will graphic art ever up lift someones spirit or be displayed with the masters of the brush. No, It would take a normal person a couple of weeks to learn how to photoshop. The fact is graphic art is easy and it is for sad that individuals classify it as art .It is sad that so many people are so quick to defend this . Truth of the matter is there to lazy to apply themselves to a real art . There to busy covering up there mistakes taking pride in the fact that they can erase color even though a real artist ether dosn't make the mistakes do to years of perfecting his or her technique or embraces his or her mistakes turning them in to something beautiful. wasn't there a saying real artists don't erase. everyone knows graphic artists are just over hyped lazy still life animators and honestly if your offended no one cares its the truth. And really if there's so many great graphic artists out there why don't they go to the game industry or anime. Isn't it the same thing ?
—Guest Someone

Having Both Worlds

I have worked both in Digital art and Traditional art. I started out with traditional in the first place, but then when I moved on to digital, I just liked it more, but that doesn't mean I'm going to abandon my traditional art skills. Traditional art has got some of its advantages and digital has its own advantages as well. People who bash on digital have never even gotten good with it or just have never used it. And they're being pretty judgmental. I dislike those who say digital art is for lazy people...trust me it is NOT. I've seen countless of digital artists who pour in hours upon hours just as any traditional artists would. Some people just don't like getting their hands in a mess. It's not everyone's cup of joe. Digital art and traditional art, it just depends on what you're more comfortably geared towards. Not that one is better than the other. There are very very many talented artists in both mediums and they love the medium of their choice. That's all that matters.
—Guest Dom

synthetic medias aren't analogic...

Im from computer science area, and Im an occasional artist too, but I dislike to do digital art, find it beautiful but prefers old school I can point a lot of things that you can think about mabe... Look at those Vocaloids, digital singers, they can reach Beautiful not human tones... They are doing a revolution in music, where everyone can create músic. But it is clear it isnt like hearing the artist in your front, music on CD isn't so! You ever heard a REAL piano??? Its MÁGIC... Its the beauty of analogical INFINITY frequencies that so on, you will never paint a equal one... So, its clear both do their paper in life... Running a car isnt like going with a horse! So didn't compare, don't feel forced to love or like both, use what you need/like... Nothing will substitute anything... I still can buy a Polychromos like in 1700 and do "old magic" with it...
—Guest Romulo

Short and simple

There will never be a time when digital art of real art looks different. I use both and Digital art is fully related to your actual drawing talent as they intertwine and take your art style. As well as this digital media has no limits. Water colours and such things have limits as they go light to dark. Paint is limited as even though you can fix your mistakes it takes much more time. If you are good at creating digital art you can use your skill in photoshop for example to make your art look as if it was a real panting or any other traditional art type. Also on digital art you can easily just click an undo button. This will never be an option in traditional art. The flaws are there for all to see.
—Guest Yuuki


Concept rules. All mediums are valid. I work in Pen & Ink Acrylic & Digital. douglaswilliams-artist.com
—Guest WillyMcGee

put together traditional and digital

Recently I discovered the possibility to express creativity through digital painting. It gives me more chances than traditional (I previously worked as portraitist and then in the field of abstract expressionism). With traditional is impossible to realize some effect but digital cannot be 3 D, so I think we have to use together at same time, for example preparing a 3D support on canvas with light clay and wood with no color and overlap digital images. I would like to know what you think about it. Sorry for my English, I know I have to improve it...Tiziana Pantaleoni
—Guest Tiziana Pantaleoni

Pens get a simiar result?

As an artist myself (in a very loose sense of the word) I find that felt tip sharpie pens get a similar effect to when u make it on a computer. A nice solid color to work with. But I was looking for something cheaper.
—Guest Andrew Odley

art is trying to convey to others

I am one of those 'hacks'. I am an old guy that has found ways with the most crude programs to create my own art. "Regular" people who see it, love it, but "Real" artists would destroy me. So, I don't show it to artists and I enjoy it myself. After I am dead, my kids can flood the internet and let the art wolves tear me apart. How can any beauty be wrong? Perhaps some fear the financial loss of competition? ---sage
—Guest sage

art is art. digital will never be better

I like traditional. And I learned both, I tried to draw digital and I just hated it. Although it is cool, I just dislike it a lot. It takes away the fun of shading and getting charcoal and ebony on your hands (drawing wise). And to be honest I wasn't good with it. I love traditional because it's a challenge. I have to mix the oil color I want, I don't want to just click on that color and act like I made it. I want to mix and be proud that I was able to do it. Plus I have two different painting styles. One I'm still learning. So that's my opinion. I have another. "Digital art is for lazy people, and for people who don't t have real talent whatsoever." What y'all gonna do if all technology shut down? Well that's not my problem. If you're a digital artist and you shouldn't feel offended, and if you are so what? God Bless!
—Guest nerdyboy91

Do Your Work

I am an oil painter and new to digital artwork (if you don't count using digital photos as source material) and so am just starting to explore its potential. However, in my development as an artist I have found that any "shoulds" or rules about what is the "right" way to create art stifles the creative process. When I look at many of my favorite artists' work, I notice that many of them do stuff that my art teachers have told me that you should never do. Throughout history many creative innovators have been criticized for their work in their own time, and yet now we love them. So I always return to the best advice I've ever gotten as an artist, just do your work. Don't worry about what other people think is the "right" way, follow your own process and do what feels right to you.
—Guest Amotherartist

It's something physical

I think that traditional media and digital media both carry some weight in the world of art. However; my personal preference is traditional media. There's just something about being able to touch it-- feel the bumps in the paint, the roughness of the canvas, rather than just a flat piece of paper or a screen.
—Guest J Goldf

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Digital art is better than traditional art because...

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