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XnView Tutorials and How-Tos

XnView is a a free image viewer and all-around useful graphics utility. It is available for the Windows and Windows Mobile (pocket PC) platforms, and a multi-platform version for Mac and Linux is in development. Besides being a speedy image viewer for hundreds of graphics formats, it performs a number of other helpful functions. Here you can find links to tutorials and other resources for the XnView user community.

How to View EXIF Data with XnView
Learn how to view detailed EXIF information with XnView to see what information your camera stores in your picture files.

How to Resize a Batch of Images with XnView
Many times you may need to resize multiple image files to a common size, either for uploading to a web site, sending to another device with a small screen, or for some other purpose. This is a quick task using the batch processing tools in the free XnView image viewer, but the way this function works may not be obvious.

Email Photos with XnView
When sending pictures by email, it's important to reduce the size of your pictures so they transfer faster and are more viewable on the recipient's screen. The free image viewer XnView has an automated function that will resize, optimize, and email a group of pictures without altering your originals.

Compare Multiple Images with XnView
The free image viewer XnView is a great tool for reviewing and culling photos from your digital camera. It offers a nice full screen view, red eye correction, slide shows, and a utility for comparing up to 4 photos side-by-side. This tutorial will show you how to use the compare feature. This is useful when you have several similar pictures and you're deciding which versions to keep and which to cull.

Remove Red Eye with XnView
XnView has long been my favorite free graphics utility. Besides being a speedy image viewer for hundreds of graphics formats, it performs a number of other useful functions, including red eye removal. This tutorial shows you how to remove red eye with XnView.

XnView Review
XnView is a fast and free image viewer and converter with support for a staggering number of file formats (over 400), operating systems, and languages. Features for resizing, adjusting, adding effects, slide show display, batch conversion, screen capture, printing, drag & drop, and more. It's free for non-commercial use.

How To Capture a Screen Shot with XnView
There are many times when it is helpful to have an image of something displayed on your computer screen. This is often called taking a screen shot. XnView is a free image viewer that's handy for a lot of things--including capturing screen shots.

How To Rename a Series of Files With XnView Image Viewer
Step-by-step instructions on renaming files with XnView.

How to Generate a List of Files with XnView
A simple how to on generating a list of files using the free image viewer XnView.

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