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Alien Skin Splat! Downloads, Tutorials and Other User Resources

Free content you can add to Alien Skin's Splat! plug-in. Download free frames, textures, and stamps for Splat! Paint Shop Pro's picture tubes can also be used as stamps with Splat. Also explore the tutorials to learn how you can create your own custom Splat! frames and stamps.
  1. Paint Shop Pro Picture T...

Crackle Frames for Splat!
Rounded frames with a metallic cracked paint texture in four colors.

Foil Frames for Splat!
Beveled framed with a metallic foil texture in four colors.

Frosted Frames for Splat!
Smooth beveled plastic in four colors.

Frosted Etched Frames for Splat!
Smooth beveled plastic with etched designs in four colors.

Assorted Stamps for Splat!
Frosted animal cookies and colored orbs.

Creature Stamps for Splat!
Butterflies, fish, and lizards.

Floral Stamps for Splat!
Three sets of painted floral images.

Heart Stamps for Splat!
Metallic hearts, cookie hearts, and foil hearts.

Metallic Frames for Splat!
Gold, colored, and hammered metal frames.

Snowflake Stamps for Splat!
Glassy, pale and colorful snowflake designs.

Star Stamps for Splat!
Colorful and metallic stars.

Valentine's Day Stamps for Splat!
Hearts, chocolate and candy hearts.

Lori's Web Graphics: Creating Splat! Frames
From Lori's Web Graphics: "In this tutorial, we'll delve into the structure of Splat! Frames and see how to create your own rectangular Splat! Frames."

Alien Skin Splat! Frames by Sage
FREE frames supplied in .rfr format for use with Alien Skin Splat! Lace, floral, rainbow, tapestry, gold, groovy, and more.

Splat! Textures
Free textures you can use with the Alien Skin Splat! plug-in.

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