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Graphics Software for Kids and Young Children

Graphics software designed especially for younger children. Kids can learn to draw, paint, and color with graphics. Includes creativity tools for image creation, animation, image distortion, and fun graphical projects for kids. Teenage and older kids can begin using mainstream graphics software.

What is Drawing For Children?
Drawing For Children is a free drawing application designed specifically for children. Tools and features have been included that offer a wide range of ways for kids to draw, but they're not complicated by having various different options for changing the way that a tool works.

RainBox (Mac)
Featured Download - Create psychedelic images with spirals and lines that appear to be moving. Freeware.

Color Wizard (Win)
Children learn about light, shadows, reflections, texture, perspective, and color as they color pictures.

ComicBook DRAW (Win)
Complete drawing software for creating comic book-style art work. Includes 1,000 clip art images, 400 fonts, a typeface manager, and activity templates.

corefx Draw, Paint, Color, Animate (Win)
"Anyone from age 5 and up will find corefx an amazing art, graphics and creativity environment in which to work. corefx supplies a comprehensive set of artists' tools which can be applied directly onto the page. Charcoal, felt tips, coloring pencils and many more can be used individually, or mixed and blended to create a limitless number of effects."

Curious George Paint & Print Studio (Win/Mac)
A full-featured art program based on the world famous Curious George children's book series.

Dataware Coloring Book Software (Win)
Offers several electronic coloring book programs for children ages 3 and up.

Flying Colors (Win/Mac)
"Combines a library of over 3000 color stickers and backgrounds with a professional painting program suitable for all ages and skill levels. Use it to create web page graphics, paintings, greeting cards, and many other printed items." Demo available.

Jurassic Art (Win)
Drawing software for learning about and creating art work of dinosaurs. Includes 1,000 clip art images, 200 fonts, a typeface manager, special effects, and activity templates.

Kid Pix Country
An unofficial site devoted to all things Kid Pix, with galleries, Kid Pix books, and history of the software, from the creator of the Kid Pix program.

Kid Pix Deluxe 3 (Win/Mac)
Children can draw, paint, animate, and play with this software packed with fun tools and unique projects. Ages 4 and up.

Kiddo (Win)
A free and fun Windows drawing program for very young children. Available in English and Spanish.

Mister Matt's Amazing Shock Doodleworks
This online doodler is fun for people of any age. Just drag your mouse to create colorful kaleidoscope patterns. Requires the Shockwave plug-in. A stand-alone version is also available.

Music Brush Screen Saver Designer (Win)
Children can create their own images with fun painting tools, add music and animation, then save their creations as a screen savers. Registration is free, a $20 donation is requested.

RubADub (Win)
Free software for teaching young children how to use a computer and prepare them for more advanced painting and drawing products.

Tux Paint (Win/Mac/Linux)
Open source drawing program for young children. It has a simple interface and fixed canvas size, and provides access to previous images using a thumbnail browser. It has a very limited toolset, but provides a simple interface, and entertaining, child-oriented additions such as sound effects.

Warbirds (Win)
Complete drawing software for creating aviation and aircraft art work. Includes 1,000 clip art images, 400 fonts, a typeface manager, and activity templates.

YUVA Studio (Web Based)
"YUVA is an online environment, a creative playground that fosters play, stimulates creativity and encourages sharing. It is where your child explores shapes: drags, expands, flips, colors, rotates and doodles around shapes to make various drawings while discovering their many characteristics and possibilities."

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