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Image Size and Resolution

Issues and explanations related to image size, resolution, and resampling of graphic images. Inclues general resolution issues such as dpi and ppi as well as explanations specific to various software programs.
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What is VSO Seam Carving?
VSO Seam Carving is a free windows application for resizing and recomposing photos without affecting the proportions of important aspects of the photo.

Stop Saying DPI When You Mean PPI!
This whole issue of resolution would be a lot less confusing to newbies if people would use the correct terminology!

A Real-World Problem of Image Resolution
Here's a question and answer from a reader's real-world problem of dealing with image resolution. This question is pretty typical of what most people who aren't entrenched in the graphics world have to deal with when they are asked for an image to use in publication.

How Many Pixels Do I Need for Printing Photos?
Whether scanning a document or choosing a digital camera, many people are confused about how many pixels they need in an image.

How many pixels do I need for sharing photos online?
When posting photos online, you do not need nearly as many pixels as you do for printing. This also goes for images that will only be viewed on-screen such as in a slide show or presentation.

How do I reduce the size of photos for online use?
Before using your digital photos online you'll want to reduce them to a smaller size.

How do I change the print size of a digital photo?
Many digital photos will open into your photo editing software with a resolution of 72 ppi. You'll need to change it in order to print at a reasonable size with good quality.

In-Camera Digital Zoom versus Software Cropping and Resizing
Digital zoom does not capture any additional detail than the maximum optical zoom of your camera. It's best not to use it at all.

Genuine Fractals Software Review
Genuine Fractals software lets you increase image resolution with minimal loss in quality.

Increasing Image Resolution
How to increase image resolution with minimal loss in image quality. Several methods and software options are explained.

Image Size and Resolution
Part of the Photoshop Basics course on this site, an explanation of the image size and resolution and how they relate. Useful even for non-Photoshop users.

Photoshop's Image Size Dialog Box
Part of the Photoshop Basics course on this site, an explanation of the image size dialog box in Photoshop.

Resolution Definition
What is Resolution?

Resampling Definition
What is resampling?

Scanning DPI for E-mail and the Web
How to calculate image dimensions for screen display.

Printing Digital Photos and Scans
Understanding dpi, ppi, and resolution, including a reference chart for scanning resolution.

Why NOT to Resize via HTML
You may not see the harm in using HTML tags to change the display size of images in the Web browser, but there are a few reasons why you shouldn't do this.

Resolution Inch By Inch
One of the most confusing aspects of desktop publishing is resolution and the measurement of resolution: SPI, PPI, DPI, and LPI. But it need not be. Here are the short definitions for each term.

The DPI Dilemma
Before you panic at the thought of what you don't know about resolution, focus on what you do know and some basic, easy to understand facts.

Digital Image Resizing
This article by Bob Atkins explains digital image resizing for screen display and for printing, and how they differ.

Image Size - Common Questions (PDF)
"All relationships are complex, but there's nothing more confusing than the complicated relationship between megapixels, file size, image size, and print size. Julieanne Kost and Daniel Brown explain the difference and advise you on the best sizes for scanning, printing (for both a desktop printer and a press), slideshows, and Web sites. "

Resampling to a Higher Resolution and Size
Explanations and examples of increasing resolution in Painter.

Setting the Right Resolution
From creativepro.com: "In a dither about dots, halftones, and line screens? Luisa Simone gives you the skinny on how to choose the best scan resolution for your output device."

Understanding Resolution
A detailed explanation of resolution with answers to many common questions about resolution and how it relates to scanning and digital cameras.

Uprezzing Digital Images with Photoshop CS (PC & Mac)
Jack Flesher explains his method of increasing image resolution using only Photoshop CS. Scroll to the end of the page for a free action.

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