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Free Pixel-Based Editing and Painting Software for Macintosh

Free and public domain pixel-based image editing, painting, and graphics creation software for Macintosh.
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GIMP 2.8 Review
Learn about new features in GIMP 2.8 and whether they make it worth upgrading to GIMP 2.8.

Paintbrush Free Bitmap Image Editor for Mac
Paintbrush is a basic image editor that may be viewed as a Mac OS X equivalent of Microsoft Paint or MacPaint. Paintbrush is designed to allow users to very quickly produce simple images.

Image Tricks Free Graphics Editor for Mac
Image Tricks is a fun and versatile free image editor designed to produce creative results on Mac OS X. Image Tricks encourages experimentation and offers the ability for a wide range of effects to be combined and applied to pictures.

LiveQuartz Free Pixel-Based Editor for Mac
LiveQuartz is an image editing application for OS X that offers the power of non-destructive filters. LiveQuartz is a capable image editor particularly well suited for OS X users looking for a tool for working with their digital photos. The basic drawing tools also offer some flexibility to create more artistic results.

Pinta for Mac Free Photo Editor
Pinta is a clone of Paint.NET for Mac OS X. The free image editor Pinta offers the basic drawing tools that you'd expect from an image editor, as well as more advanced features, such as layers and image adjustment tools. Pinta is a viable tool for users looking to edit and improve digital photos.

Seashore Review - Review of Free Image Editor Seashore for Mac
Seashore is a free pixel-based image editor suitable for basic image enhancement and more advanced creative work on Mac OS X.

Free and Budget Photo Editors for Macintosh - Top Picks
Even if you can't spend a lot, you can still enjoy a functional, well-designed image editor. This software is free or shareware, which means it's developed by individuals and can't be purchased in a retail store.

Seashore is a free pixel-based image editor for Mac users seeking an alternative to GIMP.

ArtRage 2 Free Edition Screen Shot and Mini-Review
ArtRage is a fun, easy to use program that's great for experimenting with digital art, especially if you also own a pressure sensitive graphics tablet. The free version is a great way to see what digital painting and drawing is like, but for the small upgrade price, you'll no doubt want to move up to the full version.

RainBox (Mac)
Featured Download - Create psychedelic images with spirals and lines that appear to be moving. Freeware.

Beautiful Dorena (Mac)
"Beautiful Dorena is a free, experimental paint program for Macintosh. It contains a myriad of practical and impractical picture creation tools and features. If you have a video camera you can hook it up to your computer and fun painting with live video. It also has a fictional back-story about its creation and a built-in soundscape. Beautiful Dorena was made by the original creator of Kid Pix."

Compositor SE (Mac)
This is an older version of Compositor, image to art software for Macintosh. This version is offered free with no limitations.

GIMP for Mac OS X
GIMP is the popular open source image editor originally developed for Unix. Here's where you can download the latest Macintosh release and get news about its development.

Image Tricks (Mac)
"Image Tricks is a free image editing application that allows you to use Mac OS X Tiger Core Image filters. With the program you can easily edit and apply various effects and filters to your photos and images."

NIH Image (Mac)
This public domain image processor from the National Institutes of Health supports TIFF, PICT, PICS and MacPaint files, and offers tools to acquire, edit, enhance, analyze, and animate images.

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