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Creating Pixel Art - Painting Pixel by Pixel - Tips and Tutorials

Pixel art is a retro form of digital art which is gaining a lot in popularity these days. Pixel art is generally thought of as a computer graphic where the image is literally drawn pixel-by-pixel in tiny detail, usually using a limited color palette and primitive computer graphics tools. For instance, Microsoft Paint, which hasn't been updated or changed in years, is a perfectly suitable tool for creating pixel art. Pixel art resembles the jaggie 8-bit computer graphics of the early 1990s such as those seen in computer role-playing games and Nintendo (NES) systems. Computer icons are typically created in a pixel art style. Although pixel art is not hard to create, it does require a great deal of patience! Here are some tips and tutorials for creating pixel art with Microsoft Paint, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and other software.
  1. Microsoft Paint
  2. Blinkies / Animated Sigs
  3. Icons and Cursors

Rose Covered Cottage Pixel Painting with Paint Shop Pro X
Paint a rose-covered cottage country landscape in the 'pixel art' style using Paint Shop Pro. Pixel Art is one painting method that works equally well with a mouse or a graphics tablet and with any paint program. These instructions, however, are written for Paint Shop Pro X.

City Creator
Create an entire town by dragging and dropping tiny pieces of pixel art onto a blank sheet. You can even save your creations and send them to friends.

eboy XV
"EbOY is a small group of four people. The Berlin based group creates re-usable pixel objects and takes them to build complex and extensible artwork."

Electric Icon Land is a gallery of icons and pixel art plus a pixel art town you can explore. Stop by the Electriconland Store and some other interesting places to download free icon sets.

GJ Designs.dk - Tutorials
Several pixel art tutorials including blinkies, dollz, Kao, and more. For Jasc Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop.

Henk Nieborg - Pixel Department
This Dutch graphic artist has worked on Harry Potter 2 for Gameboy and many other games. There are also some old C64 pixel drawings (circa 1985 - 1987) if you click through all the pages of his bio.

loneOceans.com - Art Gallery / Pixel Art
"The only software I use to do these pieces are Microsoft Paint. Images are then saved using Photoshop 7. Animated pieces are also drawn frame by frame, and exported with Macromedia Fireworks 3."

Mark's Pixel Art Tutorial
A beginner tutorial for pixel art.

Pixel Art Exposed!
A great overview of pixel art from deviantART.com.

Pixel Art with Pixia
Pixia is a free photo editor that is popular among pixel artists, and this tutorial will show you how to create pixel art with Pixia.

Pixel Deviant Jared Smith
Jared Smith's site has FAQs about pixel art and several examples of his pixel art graphics.

A handful of tutorials on creating pixel art. Also a showcase of sprites and tiles and interviews with other pixel artists.

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