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Repairing and Restoring Damaged Photos in Photoshop

Techniques for restoring damaged photos and correcting various flaws that may need to be repaired. These tutorials show you how to remove unwanted moire patterns, dust, spots, stains, scratches, tears, wrinkles, and noise.

Remove Dust and Specks from a Scanned Image
This is a quick way to remove dust in Photoshop without taking out too much detail, and without endlessly clicking on each speck with the spot healing tool.

Removing Ink Stains from a Photo
Learn how to remove smeared ink and other stains or spots from a photo by using the clone tool with blending modes.

Photoshop Restoration & Retouching by Katrin Eismann (Book)
Anyone will be able to master professional techniques for retouching, restoring, and enhancing both new and old photos by following the step-by-step direction of this skilled Photoshop instructor.

Photo Restoration
Use Photoshop to repair scratches, minor tears, mildew, and other problems with old photos.

Repairing Discolored and Stained Photos In Adobe Photoshop 7
"Recently I received an email from Lonny asking for advise on how to repair an old photo of his 'little sister.' With his permission, I will use this photo to demonstrate some approaches that can be taken when dealing with discolored, stained and heavily spotted photos." By David Nagel.

Healing Brush & Patch Tool
Download two PDF files for an introduction to the Healing Brush and Patch tool in Photoshop 7. Look in the left sidebar for the links. From the author of "Photoshop Restoration & Retouching." The site also offers a sample tutorial and chapter from the book, plus tutorial images for owners of the book, and a readers gallery of retouched images.

Repair and Retouch an Old Photo
Sandra Trainor walks you through the process of repairing and retouching an old photo with Photoshop. Learn how to deal with specks, discoloration, and creases in your antique photos.

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