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Photoshop Montage and Collage - Merge and Combine Photos

Tutorials for creating photo montages that merge multiple photos in a variety of ways. Combine images into collages with subtle blends and composite multiple photos to correct problems or for creative effects. Learn how to stitch photos together for panoramas or other large format requirements.

Stitching a Two-Part Scan or Panorama
Learn how to stitch together multiple images that were too large to be scanned in one piece. This tutorial uses Photoshop layers, the move tool, and the eraser tool. This technique can also be used to combine multiple images for a panorama.

Creating a Circuit Board Face
"So the other day I get an email asking how to map the image of a circuit board onto a human face. An interesting though slightly unusual request, it's definitely not the oddest email I've ever gotten. Turns out, this is a really useful and easy technique and now that you know what to look for, you'll see it used in ad campaigns all across the country."

Fading Images into One - Using Layer Masks
Learn how to combine several pictures into one using layer masks in Photoshop 5 and up.

Morphing Objects in Photoshop 5
A step-by-step approach to creating a hybrid image from two source images. Offers solutions for overcoming many of the problems you may encounter when morphing images.

Photo Composition
In this tutorial, you will combine two (or more) photos to make a composition. Uses layer masks, selection, levels, and painting tools.

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