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Digital Photo Manipulation Contests and Galleries

As digital imaging hardware and software has come down in price, the pastime of digital photo manipulation -- commonly referred to as 'photoshopping' -- has become a hugely popular hobby on the Internet. When used as a form of humorous satire, many consider this photographic fakery to be a new creative art form. Although it's primarily a hobby of amateur pixel pushers, even professionals are getting into the act as a way to polish their skills and take a break from the monotony or seriousness of their daily work. Here's a selection of sites offering galleries of photoshopped images and contests you can participate in to practice and show off your photoshopping skills.

Photoshop Disasters and Graphics Mistakes
Share your worst or most embarrassing Photoshop disasters and graphics mistakes, or feel better about yourself by perusing the Photoshop disasters that others have made.See submissions

Creative Composite Challenge Results
Browse the work of the talented members of our Graphics Software community... presenting the results of the first Creative Composite Challenge.

This popular image editing contest site boasts over 700 galleries with 25000+ original images. Daily image manipulation contests are posted where the users are given a theme and then have to come up with the source material to make an original image themselves.

Regularly posts images which you can alter how ever you like and post it for others to view, vote, comment and submit their own versions.

B3TA.com Challenge Archive
"Engage your brain before opening Photoshop," as they say over at B3TA. Every week there's a new digital manipulation challenge. Past themes include dogs with amusing noses, deleted movie scenes, if advertisements were honest, and what your pets do when no one is home. Fun to browse or participate.

This "weird news" site hosts 'round the clock Photoshop contests with voting. Be sure to read the Photoshop FAQ before jumping in.

Photoshop Tennis
"One player creates a layer in a Photoshop document and emails it to the other. Each player progressively adds a layer until the match is over, either by reaching ten volleys, a player's withdrawal or mutual consent. A guest adds comments and the whole thing happens and is displayed in real time. Finally, the people watching vote for a winner." From Coudal Partners, Inc.

Photoshop Phriday
From SomethingAwful.com. Browse the gallery or join to post your own.

Photoshopping: It's All the Rage
"There was a time when manipulating photographs was considered mean-spirited trickery aimed at deceiving a gullible, technically challenged public... But doctoring images -- or Photoshopping, as its practitioners call it -- is a booming online pastime." By Jenn Shreve for Wired News, November 2001

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