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Greeting Card Template and Instructions for Adobe Photoshop


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Create a Greeting Card with Photoshop
Photoshop Card Templates
This tutorial will walk you through how to create a create a greeting card with Photoshop. I have created a template to minimize the number of steps required. The template creates a "half-fold" card that is approximately 8 by 5 inches and will fit into an A-8 Announcement envelope. The card is printed on 8½ by 11 inch card stock.

Download the Card Templates for Photoshop

The zip file contains two templates - one for a landscape oriented card, and one for a portrait oriented card. The templates can be used with with Photoshop CS and CS2. I have not tested it in earlier versions.
When you open the file in Photoshop CS, you may get a message about text layers needing to be updated. Just press the "Update" button and it should work fine.
Open Photoshop and one of the card templates from the zip file. Go to File > Save As… and save the greeting card under a new name so you don't overwrite the template as you work through the tutorial.

You'll also need to find and open a photo to use on the front of your card.

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