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Understanding Print Preview in Photoshop


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Getting Familiar with the Photoshop Print Preview Window
Understanding Print Preview in Photoshop
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To access the Print Preview window go to File>Print with Preview. I prefer this option over the simple Print option because with Print with Preview you not only see how your document will print, you can also change page settings and so on.

Let's explore the Preview window. On the top left you of course see the preview of your document. Next to the preview you see the value within the Position pane and the ones within the Scaled Print Size.

Those values control how your image will print on your page. In this illustration, Centre Image is checked, but if it was unchecked, you would be able to decide exactly where your image is supposed to print, by changing the X and Y values. If you don't like inches, you can choose to set your values in centimeters, millimiters, points or picas. Changing those values does not affect the size your graphic will print at on your page.

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