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Adobe Photoshop Basics
Lesson 2f Exercise: Crop Tool Practice for Version 6 only

Now let's get some practice working with the crop tool. Right click each of these file names and download the images to your computer so you can practice these exercises:

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Adobe Photoshop Basics
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The exercises on this page are for users of version 6.0 only. If you've already complete the exercises for version 5.x, move on to the History Palette lesson.

Practice Exercise 3
Rotating & Correcting Distorted Perspective

Before Cropping

After Cropping

Crop the image to get the results shown above. Below is a screen shot of the approximate selection you'll need to make. After you make the initial selection you'll want to rotate it to correct the crooked angle, then move the top corners in to adjust the perspective. Notice that the bottom edge of the selection border is aligned with the base of house, and the sides are aligned with the sides of the house. Remember you can use the shift key as you drag the handles to constrain your movements. This will help you keep the top and bottom edges aligned when you adjust the perspective.

Please note: If you move the center point or improperly place a corner handle, Photoshop will display an error message. If you see this error, you'll need to reposition the corner handle and try again.

Practice Exercise 4
Cropping with the Selection tools

In Photoshop 6, you can also crop to a selection made with any of the marquee selection tools, however, the cropped image will always be a rectangular shape conforming to the outermost areas of the selection marquee. When a selection is active, just choose Image > Crop.

Make a selection the practice image to get the results shown on the left. (I used the magnetic lasso tool to make a quick selection.) To the right is a screen shot of the image after choosing Image > Crop.

Before Cropping

After Cropping

Practice Exercise 5
The Trim Command

Another new way to crop in Photoshop 6 is with the Trim command found under the Image menu. This is is convenient way to trim away all the transparent pixels in an image, or all the solid colored areas around each side of an image.

Use the trim command on practice file #5 with the settings shown to the right to get the results below.

Before Trimming

After Trimming

This concludes the practice exercises for Photoshop 6. Now continue on to the next section to learn about the History Palette.

Next > History Palette

Some images from Nova Development's Art Explosion 600,000.

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