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Create Slide Shows and Photo Albums for Windows

Windows software to create photo slide shows, interactive photo albums, and other presentations that can be distributed via the Web, email, CD, VCD, and DVD. Combine photos and other images with music, video, text, and special effects to create original shows and share them with others.

ProShow Gold 5 from Photodex
ProShow Gold is a feature-rich but easy-to-use Windows program for creating slide shows from your pictures, video clips, and music.

MemoriesOnWeb for Windows
MemoriesOnWeb free photo slide show software for Windows offers a super easy way to post a video slide show of photos on the Web. Just select the photos you want to use from the built-in browser, adjust a few settings, and click Publish.

Photo Story 3 - Free for Windows XP Users
Photo Story 3 allows you to create musical slide shows from your digital photo stills. Free download for Windows XP

Magix PhotoStory on CD & DVD 2004 (Windows) - Software Rating and Review
Magix PhotoStory on CD & DVD 2004 allows you to create entertaining photo slide shows that can be played on your PC or your DVD player. I found the software a bit difficult to grasp at first, but after spending some time with the documentation, I got up to speed relatively quickly and was impressed by its powerful features.

Magix PhotoStory on CD & DVD 2004 for Windows - Full Review
Magix PhotoStory on CD & DVD 2004 allows you to create entertaining photo slide shows that can be played on your PC or your DVD player. I found the software a bit difficult to grasp at first, but after spending some time with the documentation, I got up to speed relatively quickly and was impressed by its powerful features.

About Slide Show Software
An overview of slide show software. Also see Mac Software for Screen Savers and Slide Shows.

Photodex ProShow and ProShow Gold (Win)
Create video CDs that play back on your TV, generate MPEG video files for PC viewing, build screen savers for yourself or others, make self-contained executable slide shows (EXEs), and write PC autorun CDs that automatically play when inserted into a PC.

FlipAlbum 5 Suite for Windows (Win)
FlipAlbum 5 Suite gives digital photo albums the look and feel of a traditional book with 3D page-turning animation. My review is for the Windows version, but a Macintosh version is available as well as a Professional version for creating CD-based product catalogs.

Simple Star PhotoShow (Win/Mac)
Create, share and experience multimedia shows using your own photos and music. Choose photos, a soundtrack, transitions and effects and then drag and drop animated clip art and captions to create PhotoShows which can then be shared online, burned to CD-ROM, used as a screen saver, or published to a Web site.

Aephid Photokeeper 2001 (Win)
Aephid Photokeeper 2001 is an easy way to create CDs of photo albums and slide shows to share with friends and family.

PhotoParade Maker (Win/Mac)
PhotoParade Maker provides a simple way to share and enjoy your pictures in fun and interesting presentations. With it, you can create delightful photo slide shows in just a few minutes.

3D Greetings Personal Edition (Win)
Featured Download - A free application for customizing your own personalized 3D animated greetings. Comes with 100 sound effects and background music files and gives you online access to 25,000 free images.

3D ImageCube (Win)
Featured Download - This software lets you create 3D electronic picture cubes for your web site using your own digital images.

LiveSlideShow (Win/Mac)
Featured Download - Publish images to self-contained, interactive slide shows that can be shared with anyone who has the QuickTime player.

FreeCard (Win)
Featured Download - Create electronic greeting cards with graphics, video, text, music, and sound. Windows executables can be sent via e-mail or on diskettes. Freeware.

AutoRun SlideShow (Win)
Featured Download - Create self-contained slide shows and distribute them on diskette, Zip disk, or CD. Shareware, $29 US.

Able Photo Slide Show (Win)
"Able Photo Slide Show is a program designed to display all digital photos and graphic files as a slide show using many transition effects, each image being shown for some predetermined time before going on to the next."

AL Pictures Slideshow Studio (Win)
"Quickly create slideshows incorporating both picture and audio files. The slideshow can be created as an executable (.exe) file, or as a screensaver (.scr) file. The program includes 182 transitional effects."

ctPhotoBook (Win)
Photo album software with free layout of photos on pages in albums (DTP), heavy duty archiving using documented file structure for long time archiving. Evaluation download available.

Digital Photo Slide Show (Win)
Slideshow software for digital photo sharing with friends and family. Share digital images as a screen saver, slide show, desktop wallpaper or Web slide show. Share photos on CD-ROM or any other media.

Diji Album (Win)
Distribute your albums to friends and family, publish them to the Web, and incorporate video, sound, and other media in your albums.

DVD Photo Slideshow (Win)
DVD Photo Slideshow enables you to make use of your CD burner to create exciting photo album which is playable on TV with standard DVD or VCD player.

DVD PixPlay (Win)
"DVD PixPlay allows you to create VCD slide shows from images, videos and music and write them directly to a CD. VCD's can then be played on your television using a DVD Player."

E-Card (Win)
Design self-playing e-cards with images, sound, and animation. Start with a sample or create your own from scratch.

Easy Slide Show Creator (Win)
"Use our easy drag and drop interface to bring your pictures and music together for an exciting multimedia experience. To narrate your slide shows, simply add captions and attach sound files to each picture."

e-motional Greeting Card Creator (Win)
Use your own images to create personalized greetings to send to others via e-mail or disk.

Electronic Greeting Card Construction Set (Win)
"Build e-mailable electronic greeting cards with pictures, animations, sounds, text and other multimedia elements." Features a Card Wizard to get up to speed quickly, and cards can be distributed as self-contained Windows executables.

FlashSlider (Win)
Make a slide show from JPEG images and export it to SWF (Shockwave Flash) format.

ImageMatics StillMotion Creator (Win)
"Create slide shows, screen savers, auto run CD ROM, self-playing shows, Web pages and SWF (Flash) files."

InAlbum (Win)
Animated photo album software: "Add animated clipart, sounds, voices and MP3 music ... Send via email, print, and host your own show online for free, or make it as VCD."

IphotoDVD (Win)
Archive digital photos into DVD/SVCD/VCD compatible slide shows with music and transition effects.

LumaPix FotoFusion (Win)
"LumaPix FotoFusion is an easy-to-use software tool that creates photoreal image collages" Publish Web photo albums, share photos by email, print scrapbooks and poster-sized image collages.

Mark's ShowMaker to Sony Photo Frame Slideshow Exporter
tospf exports a slideshow from ShowMaker to a Sony PHD-A55 or similar digital photo frame. tospf is a 3rd party add-on for D.Magic's ShowMaker slideshow software and unlocks the full potential of the Sony Digital Photo Frame.

MemoriesOnTV (Win)
MemoriesOnTV allows you to create videos with transition effects and music from your digital photos. Videos can be burned onto CD or DVD using the built-in burner software, and then played on TV via standard DVD or VCD players. Features high-quality special effects including the popular Ken Burns pan and zoom effects.

Micro Research 3D Album Products (Win)
Several products to help you create 3D photo presentations and photo shows combining your photos and music. Features preset and customizable 3D styles, photo organizing, DVD creation, and more.

My Pictures 3D (Win)
My Pictures 3D is a 2-in-1 package. The program lets you watch your favorite photos in a beautiful virtual 3D gallery. Besides, it can function as a screensaver. (Freeware)

MySlideShow (Win)
Create and play slide shows of groups of images with captions and background music. Slide shows can be copied to a CD and shared with friends and family. When the recipient inserts the slide show CD into their CD-ROM, the slide show is played automatically.

PE-CD (Win)
Create autorun CD-R/CD-RW disks of photo albums. Users who view the CDs can view, convert , rename, copy, and move files and folders.

Photo Druid (Win)
Manage and share digital photos and images - add effects to BMP, JPG, and PNG images, then share them on the Web with HTML album generator, FTP upload, or send by e-mail features.

Photo DVD Maker (Win)
Create slide shows using photos, background music, captions and interactive disc menus in only three easy steps. Simply drag-and-drop photos to create slideshows, add music, narration and titles to each slide show, burn slide shows onto CD-R/RW disc, watch your creative photo slide show on TV connected to DVD player.

DVD Slideshow Builder (Win)
Create slideshows with your digital photos for display on TV.

PhotonShow (Win)
Create themed shows of your photos and share them on the Web, Pocket PC and CD. Allows you to add text captions, voice captions and soundtracks to the slide shows.

PhotoSlider (Win)
Create slide shows with over 140 effects and options to add music.

PhotoToFilm (Win)
"With PhotoToFilm you can easily make small movies out of your pictures and compress them (ie : using DivX) in order to distribute your production to your friends and relative."

PictureGo! (Win)
Freeware - View a folder of pictures as a slide show and create self-starting picture CDs. Does not update the registry or modify your sytem in any way.

PicturesToExe (Win)
Convert images to self-running slide shows that you can share with friends and family.

PicturePlayer (Win)
"PicturePlayer is an image presentation program that has been specially designed for use with CD/DVD ROMs, featuring individual images set to music and sound support."

PictureWIZ (Web Based)
This web-based site lets you upload your pictures to make photo albums, business presentations, and demonstrations.

ShowMaker (Win)
Develop professional slide show presentations and photo albums for the Internet or CD and disk distribution.

Slideroll (Web-Based)
This web-based application helps you create Flash slide shows out of your digital pictures. There is no software to install, and no extra steps to get your slide shows on the web. You can publish your slide shows on the internet, share them, and email them to friends. Basic membership is free.

SlideShow Ultra (Win)
Design slide show presentations and screen savers with over 100 special effects, pictures, sound, music, movies, and text.

SmoothShow (Win)
Create digital photo slide shows with over 2000 transition effects. Supports 60 file formats. Offers audio synchronization, image adjustments, Web export, and more.

TalaPhoto (Win/Mac)
"Easily print snapshots or multi-image pages. Build photo web pages or slide shows with one click." Runs on MacOS 9, Mac OSX and Windows.

VideoImpression (Win/Mac)
This entry level video and image editing software allows you to use existing video and image files to create and edit desktop video slide show presentations for home, business, and the Web. Save video and images in AVI, MPG, VIF (VideoImpression Format), and EXE (Self-running VideoImpression Mini-Player Video) file formats.

VSO Photo DVD (Win)
"PhotoDVD animates your images to make a video DVD Slide show. You can add optional soundtracks and comments to your pictures using DVD subtitles."

xatshow (Win)
Converts digital camera images to compressed and re-formatted pictures, ready to put back into the camera to give your friends and family a stunning slide show of your photos on your TV. Available as a freeware edition, or standard edition for $19 US.

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