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Photo Art, Photo Fun, and Photo Effects Software and Plugins

Windows and Macintosh software and plugins for applying artistic effects to your photos and for using your digital photos in various fun and creative ways. Turn your pictures into paintings, pencil sketches, watercolors, chalk, charcoal, pen and ink, and many other traditional artistic styles. Add drama or alter the mood of a photo, create aged looks, and produce other creative effects with photos.
  1. Nature and Particle Effects
  2. Special Effects Generators
  3. Plug-in Effects Collections
  4. Photo Mosaic Software (18)
  5. Frames/Borders/Edge Effects (28)
  6. Distort/Warp/Blur Effects (11)
  7. Color Effects / B&W Filters (11)

Review of Topaz Simplify Art Effects Plug-in
Topaz Simplify is a special effects plug-in program to turn your photos into works of art.

Jackson Pollock Painting App for iOS
Explore Jackson Pollock, an iOS splatter painting app that celebrates the iconic painter Jackson Pollock.

Smart Photo Editor Review for Windows and Mac
Learn about Smart Photo Editor, an inexpensive desktop app for adding creative effects to your photos.

XnSketch for Windows and Mac
XnSketch is a free Windows and Mac app for applying sketch effects to your photos to make them look like drawings.

XnRetro for Windows and Mac
XnRetro is a free vintage effects software app for Windows and Mac desktop computers.

Pop Art Studio Creative Effects Software for Windows
Pop Art Studio is an art effects photo editor specializing in pop art style effects, but also offers a comprehensive set of features rivaling many image editors.

CameraBag 2 Photo Effects Software for Windows and Mac
CameraBag 2 is a desktop app for Windows and Mac OS X that is designed to make it quick and easy for anyone to add creative effects to their photos.

Review of Photo Effect Studio
Photo Effect Studio is an inexpensive creative photo editor for Mac OS X users.

FX Photo Studio Pro Review
FX Photo Studio Pro is a fun application for Apple Mac OS X users who want to add creative effects to their digital photos.

What is Auto FX Mosaic
Auto FX Mosaic is a free stand-alone program and Photoshop-compatible plugin which offers fine grained control over mosaic image effects.

Auto FX Dreamy Photo
Dreamy Photo is a focused little application designed to make it easy to produce dreamy and romantic soft focus effects. Dreamy Photo can be used stand-alone or as a plug-in for Photoshop.

What is FotoSketcher?
FotoSketcher is the perfect tool for users who enjoy getting more creative with their photos. While many image editors offer a range of painting and drawing effects, FotoSketcher generally offers a greater degree of control.

Photo Art Gallery - Browse and Submit Examples of Photo Art Work
Photo art is when you take an ordinary photo and transform it into something that looks like it had been created using traditional art techniques...See submissions

Artify iOS App Review
Artify from Kodama Studios is a simple and easy-to-use iPad app for applying impressionist painting effects to your photos. Learn more about Artify in this hands-on app review.

Corel Painter Essentials 4 for Windows and Mac - Software Rat…
Corel Painter Essentials is a simplified, home-user version of Corel Painter professional-level art software. It's designed to help beginners or non-artists create digital art and turn photos into art work. Whether you want to create photo art automatically or paint and draw unique designs on your own, Painter Essentials offers a well rounded set of tools for exploring digital art.

Fo2Pix ArtMaster (Win/Mac)
ArtMaster helps you turn your digital photos into works of art with 7 interactive ArtWizards. ArtMaster breaks your photo down into a number of simplified sources, then the ArtWizards blend these sources into a pleasing picture every time.

Fo2Pix ArtMasterPro (Win/Mac)
ArtMasterPro lets you turn your digital photos into works of art with 15 interactive ArtWizards or full manual control. ArtMasterPro breaks your photo down into a number of simplified sources, which can be blended into an artistic rendering using ArtWizards or manual painting mode.

Fo2Pix PhotoArtMaster (Win)
[Standalone] PhotoArtMaster is a fun, creative, and educative standalone PC-based software, that lets anyone to turn a digital image (be it from a digital camera or scanner) into an artistic picture.

Fo2Pix buZZ Professional & buZZ Lite (Win/Mac)
[Plug-in] You can turn your digital photos into unique works of art with Segmentis buZZ Professional and buZZ Lite, two versions of a new Photoshop-compatible plug-in filter. Learn about the plug-in and explore several examples in this review. (Formerly Segmentis buZZ)

Corel Painter (Win/Mac)
Corel Painter is like a well-stocked artist's studio, without the mess. With textured surfaces, brushes, and tools, you can mimic painting and drawing with chalk, pastels, watercolors, oils, crayons, pencil, felt pens, ink, and more.

Corel Painter Essentials 3 (Win/Mac)
Corel Painter Essentials 3 is a simplified, home-user version of Corel Painter IX professional-level art software. It's designed to help beginners or non-artists create digital art and turn photos into art work.

Virtual Painter 3 (Win)
[Plug-in] Easily turn digital photos into paintings and stylized artwork with this collection of 12 plug-in filters from Jasc Software.

Deep Paint (Win)
[Standalone or Plug-in] The Photoshop-compatible plug-in for realistic painting, drawing, and image manipulation tools. Also functions as a standalone application.

AKVIS Sketch (Win/Mac)
AKVIS Sketch is a plugin for conversion of photos into pencil sketches and watercolor drawings.

Andy Warhol Replicator (Win)
"With a single mouse click you can create a Marilyn Monroe or Che Guevara like print in the famous Andy Warhol-Style."

ArcSoft Funhouse (Win/Mac)
[Standalone] Combine your personal photos with a variety of fantasy background images.

Auto FX Mystical Lighting (Win/Mac)
[Standalone or Plug-in] 16 effects to "apply photo-realistic lighting and shading effects to digital images." Available as a stand-alone program or a plugin.

Citra FX (All Platforms / Java)
"Citra FX is an image filter effects for digital photos or images. It allows anyone, regardless of experience, to turn digital images into unique artistic looks. Citra FX comes with many prebuilt filters from color adjustment, contrast, exposure to advanced filters like water ripple, emboss, etc."

CollageMaker (Win)
"CollageMaker is a graphics tools that is geared towards building professional looking photo collages. CollageMaker's strength lies in its ability to easily assemble photographs on the canvas. Many mask and border effects are provided to create a truly unique photo collage."

Color By Number (Win)
[Standalone] Convert photos to paint-by-number patterns. Trial version available.

Comic Life (Mac)
"Comic Life gives you a super-quick and easy way to create astounding comics, beautiful picture albums and enticing instruction booklets to name a few of the many possibilities... you can apply filters to your photos to make them look printed, hand-drawn, painted and even 'night vision.'"

FotoSketcher (Win)
"This free program can help you create images that look like they have been hand drawn by an artist. If you want to turn a portrait, the photograph of your house or even the picture of your pet into a black & white or colour drawing or painting, then look no further, FotoSketcher will do the job in just a few seconds."

FunPhotor (Win)
"FunPhotor is professional photo-blending software. Combine your photos to funny or surprise scenes."

Gertrudis Pro (Win)
"Gertrudis Pro is an standalone software that transform an image (generally photo) into an original artwork. With its tools, the designer will be able to create different versions of the picture: oil painting, watercolor, crayon, and other styles."

ImageElements Photo Suite (Win)
ImageElements is a collection of five easy-to-use tools that let you work with your photos in fun ways: PhotoMontage, BrightSpot, Feather Art, FrameOut, and Kaleidoscope.

Intocartoon (Win)
"Intocartoon is a software that can convert photo into cartoon or other graphic representations."

Melancholytron (Win/Mac)
[Plug-in] From Flaming Pear: "Make pictures moody, nostalgic, and somehow sad." $20 US. Trial download available.

OldMovie (Win)
[Plug-in] "Transform all your digitized images into photographs and films of the old days. Add grain, shade the images into a monochrome palette, defocus, brighten or darken the edges, add highly configurable scratches, hairs and spots of dust and fat. Jittering, corner cutting and more. " $19.95 US

Photo to Sketch (Win)
"Convert your photos to magnificent artwork, sketch or water color..." Freeware.

PhotoArtist (Win/Mac)
"Key to PhotoArtist is the technology that automatically generates hundreds of art effects. PhotoArtist gives you all the right starting points, tools and functionality to turn you photos into great artwork."

PhotoImpression (Win/Mac)
[Standalone] Entry-level photo editing and creative design program that combines the best of several ArcSoft products. Edit and retouch photos, add special effects, and place them in cards, calendars, frames and fantasy templates.

PhotoMix (Win)
[Standalone] Create photo collages and enhance them with numerous borders and artistic effects.

PostworkShop (Win/Mac)
PostworkShop is an artistic image manipulation program which allows both hobby and professional users to transform photos and renders into impressive artistic images thanks to the built-in styles. You can get more than 300 different results with a single click, or create and save your personal styles to share with your friends.

RedGreen (Mac)
[Standalone] "Create 3D images which can be viewed with red-green or red-blue 3D glasses. All you need is a digital camera to shoot two photos (one photo from the view of the left eye and one from the view of the right eye). Open these photos with RedGreen and it will calculate a 3D image that can be viewed with the 3D glasses." Shareware - US$10. For Mac OS 8/9 and OS X.

Segmation (Win)
[Plug-in] Transform images into vectors, contours, paint by number images, and patterns.

Sketcher Plugin (Win)
"The Sketcher plugin was created to provide illustrative effects to computer images, whether photographs, computer drawn pictures or 3D renderings. It can render smooth artistic pencil sketches, pen and ink illustrations, and a number of different halftone/threshold effects."

Snapstouch (Web-based)
Snapstouch provides online tool to converts photo to sketch, photo to painting, photo to drawing and photo to single shade image at one single click and that is totally free of cost.

STOIK Hobby Software
[Standalone] Products to convert your photos into jigsaw puzzles, puzzle photo cards, paint-by-number patterns, and cross-stitch patterns.

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