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Paint Shop Pro Basics and Tools: Tutorials for Beginners

Tutorials for new users to learn the basic tools and features of Paint Shop Pro. These tips will help beginners become familiar with the interface and understand fundamental concepts of working with PSP.
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Digital Scrapbook - Easy A to Z Yearbook with Paint Shop Pro
Create an easy digital scrapbook in Paint Shop Pro. Chronicle a year in a child's life by taking a new photo every 2 weeks. By the end of the year we'll have a complete A-Z yearbook with 26 pages and a record of the child's growth!

How to Save a Transparent PNG File from Paint Shop Pro
Use the PNG optimizer in Paint Shop Pro to save a transparent PNG file.

Straighten a Crooked Photo and Fix Skewed Perspective with Paint Shop Pro
Corel Paint Shop Pro X has a couple useful new tools for straightening a crooked photo and fixing skewed perspective. This illustrated tutorial will show you how to use them.

Removing Red-Eye with the Red Eye Tool in Paint Shop Pro X
Paint Shop Pro X has a new Red Eye tool to help you remove that unsightly, unwanted red eye. You simply select the tool, adjust its size, and click away on top of the red pixels, until you are happy with the results. This illustrated tutorial shows you how to use this new tool.

Red Eye Removal Command in Paint Shop Pro
Red eye, which occurs when you take a picture, is a common but frustrating problem. If the Red Eye Remover tool in Paint Shop Pro doesn't do the job for you then you might want to try the second method in Paint Shop Pro: The Red Eye Removal command on the adjust menu.

Fix Photos the Smart Way - Corel Paint Shop Pro X Tutorial
The Smart Photo Fix command is the best way to correct color, exposure, and lighting problems. You'll see how, with only one click, your photo is analyzed and corrections are suggested — you're then free to adjust the corrections to suit your tastes.

Paint Shop Pro 8 and 9 Transformations
With the introduction of the Pen tool, Paint Shop Pro is becoming a serious vector graphics tool. The Pen tool performs the work of the old PSP7 Draw tool in creating paths and contours, but it also serves as the node edit tool and has introduced easy to use vector transformation. Tutorial by Ron Lacey.

Smart Edge Lasso Tool
The smart edge option for the lasso tool detects the edges of an object, easing the task of making complex selections. It's not perfect, though, so this example will show you how to refine the selection using the painting tools in mask edit mode.

Rotate Crop Resize
These basic functions are the first steps for preparing your photos for the Web. Learn how with step-by-step instructions from your Guide.

Bitmap and Vector Differences
An explanation of the differences in bitmap (or raster) images and vector images and how it relates to PSP.

Channels: What, When and Why?
A closeup look at channels in Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. Learn what a channel is, and how you can use channels to enhance images and create special effects.

Creating Brushes
Make your own brush tips from any selection in PSP 5 and up.

Easy Sphere
Create a template for a sphere that can be used to create spheres in any color you need, or download a ready-made template.

Enhancing the Lights Effect
The new lights effect in PSP 7 allows you to illuminate an image with up to 5 lights. By applying the effect to a new layer, you can enhance and make modifications to the effect.

Enhancing the Sunburst Effect
Learn about the new sunburst effect in Paint Shop Pro 7 for adding lens flare effect to an image. By applying the effect to a new layer, you can enhance and make modifications to the effect.

Flood Fill
Learn about the many ways you can use the flood fill tool for filling with solid colors, gradients, patterns, and textures. Provides several examples for using the flood fill tool and creating custom gradients.

Gradient Fills
Learn the basics of working with gradient fills in Paint Shop Pro.

Line Types
An introduction to the various types of lines that can be used in Paint Shop Pro 6.

Miscellaneous Tools
Descriptions of the arrow, zoom, deform and crop tools in PSP 7.

Learn what the opacity settings are in PSP4 and how to use them.

Paint Tools
Paint Shop Pro gives you an exciting arsenal of Paint tools to work with. The paint tools covered here will be the Paint Brush, Clone Brush, Color Replacer, Retouch, Scratch Remover, Eraser, Airbrush, Flood Fill and Picture Tubes. For PSP 7.

Precision Cropping
Save yourself some frustration my learning to make precise selections with the cropping tool in PSP5.

Resizing vs. Resampling
Explains the difference between resizing and resampling with visual examples, and tells you how to do it in PSP4.

The Alpha Channel
What is it? What's it good for? How do you use it? All the answers are here with easy to understand explanations.

User Defined Filter Basics
Demystify the User Defined Filters option in Paint Shop Pro with these rules of thumb. Also see Edge Detecting UDFs and Sharpening UDFs for more on User Defined Filters.

Version 5 Basics
All the basics are covered here... from creating a new file, to saving in different formats... with descriptions of all the tools in between.

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