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Jasc Animation Shop and Paint Shop Pro Animation Tutorials

Tutorials for creating animations with Jasc Paint shop Pro and Animation Shop.

Animated Interlocking Hearts with Paint Shop Pro X and Animation Shop
With this tutorial we'll create two interlocking hearts filled with sparkling glitter. We'll create the hearts using Paint Shop Pro X and the glitter effect using Animation Shop (v.3).

Back to School Animated Sig Tag using Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop
This is an animated sig tag to make for yourself or your favorite teacher using Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop. We'll use a letterbat font to create the animated image of a teacher writing your name on the chalkboard. I'd estimate the skill level for this tutorial at 'advanced beginner'.

Halloween Face Morph in Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop
Using Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop, learn how to create a Halloween animation for your web page. In this tutorial we will combine a 'Happy Halloween' greeting with a pumpkin face and have them morph together.

Kokopelli Animated Signature - Add Your Name To An Existing Animation
It's very easy to add your sig to an animation, all you need to do is use the Text tool in Animation Shop. But sometimes there's just not enough space in the animation to add your sig or any other text. That's when some extra steps are needed. This tutorial will show you how to add that extra space using Paint Shop Pro!

Animated Robo Dancer by Arizona Kate
This tutorial creates an animated character holding a Valentine message. Tutorial was written for Paint Shop Pro version 7 with notations for version 8 and newer. We'll also be using Animation Shop v.3, which is bundled with both PSP 7 and 8

Light Bulbs from Scratch
Step-by-step lesson to create a light bulb from scratch. Also explains how to make an animation from it. PSP5.

Shining Goldbar
This tutorial shows you how to add a sparkle animation to a button with PSP and Animation Shop 2.

Simple Butterfly Animation
Use the deformation tool in Paint Shop Pro along with Animation Shop's animation wizard to create an animated butterfly.

Snow Globe
Create a snow globe animation using Paint Shop Pro 5 or 6 and Animation Shop.

Sparkle Globe Tutorial
Create a sparkle globe animation using tubes and filters in Paint Shop Pro 5 and Animation Shop to compose the animation.

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