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Paint Shop Pro Picture Tubes: Download Free & Commercial Tubes for PSP

Download free picture tubes or purchase commercial tubes for Paint Shop Pro.
  1. Using Picture Tubes in PSP

Sue's Free Paint Shop Pro Tubes - Florals
Three sets of painted floral tubes.

Sue's Free Paint Shop Pro Picture Tubes - Stars
Four sets of metallic and multi-colored stars.

Sue's Free Paint Shop Pro Picture Tubes - Valentine's Day
Four sets of hearts, chocolate, and candy.

Sue's Free Paint Shop Pro Picture Tubes - Hearts
Color foil hearts and heart-shaped cookies.

Sue's Free Paint Shop Pro Picture Tubes - Snowflakes
Glassy, colorful, and pale snowflake designs.

Sue's Free Paint Shop Pro Picture Tubes - Assorted
Translucent colored orbs and frosted animal cookies.

Sue's Free Paint Shop Pro Picture Tubes - Creatures
Butterflies, fish, and lizards.

AmeriYank's Graphics Farm
CDs with images in 4 formats: tub for Paint Shop Pro, PSD for Adobe Photoshop and compatible programs, JPG, and TIF for nearly all graphics programs. Images are royalty-free and can be used commercially to create new works for sale. Halloween CD includes Blade Pro Presets, animation, textures, and brushes for both PSP and Photoshop.

Barry's Paint Shop Pro Tubes and More
Offers tubes, frames, gradients and other content for Paint Shop Pro and other photo editing software. Membership required.

Search for tubes, masks, brushes, and more PSP content.

Jess' Tubes
Angels, Furniture, Animals, Holidays, Dreamcatchers, Flowers, People, and more. Free for non-commercial use.

Koala's PSP Tubes
Original Christmas and heart tubes for Paint Shop Pro. Free for personal, noncommercial use.

Many free tubes including angels, anchors, Christmas, lighthouses, nautical items, fish, shells, rocks, sea vessels, Victorian themed, and more. Compatible with PSP 6 and 7. For a small membership fee you can gain access to hundreds more members-only tubes.

Rapartz Free Stuff
10 free tubes for Paint Shop Pro. More available for purchase on CD.

Roxy's Tubes & Custom Brushes
Tubes and brushes for Paint Shop Pro 5 or 6. Includes flowers, trellis, bats, deer, butterfly, spheres, sea shells, Valentine, hearts, Christmas, seasonal, wreath, bows, stained glass, candle, poinsettia, and more.

Victorian & Fantasy PSP Tubes by Anne Gerdes
Categories include ladies, florals, vintage Valentines, vintage Christmas, angels, fairies, dragons, jewels, kittens, and more.

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