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Corel Painter User Resources

Resources for users of Corel Painter, the image editing and natural media painting tool. Includes resources for earlier versions including Fractal Design Painter, MetaCreations Painter, and procreate Painter.
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Mother's Day Iris Painting
Paint an iris for Mother's Day using clone source panel and a reference image in Corel Painter.

New Features in Corel Painter X3
Explore the best new features in Corel Painter X3 in this screen shot tour.

The Clone Source Panel - Creative Color in Painter
The Clone Source Panel in Painter can open up new and exciting ways to render your photographs and with a little imagination you can create beautiful paintings that have your personal touch.

Corel Painter Lite Review
Painter Lite is based on the features of Corel Painter 12, but offers a limited feature set to make it easier to learn for those starting out in digital art.

Real Watercolor in Painter 12 - Blending Watercolor Tutorial
Learn how the Real Watercolor brushes in Painter 12 can help you with blending color in your paintings.

Corel Painter Review
Alone or as a companion to Photoshop, Painter brings the maximum in artistic possibilities to digital artists and creative professionals.

Corel Painter User Reviews
Corel Painter is one of the most comprehensive art applications available. Read user reviews of Corel Painter creative art studio software, or share your own experience with Corel Painter by writing a review. See submissions

Painter 12 Enhanced Dynamic Brush Attributes
No longer will you need to depend on the the brush variants property bar to change brush dynamics. Now it is simply a keystroke away. Painter 12 now enables the user to set brush size, opacity, angle, and squeeze dynamically on-screen!

Brush Tracking and Brush Calibration in Painter 12
Painter 12 has introduced the new Brush Calibration setting. Unlike Painter 11 where the Brush Tracking was set globally, Painter 12 enables you to adjust Brush Tracking on an individual brush variant.

Navigator Panel in Corel Painter 12
The new Navigator panel in Corel Painter 12 is a convenient tool for managing many aspects of a document and to help you move around the document effortlessly. You can use the Navigator panel to better orient yourself in the document window and modify the document window display. This tutorial will help you familiarize yourself with the...

Enchanting Vignettes with Corel Painter
Here is an interesting approach to creating vignettes in Corel Painter which adds something special to your images.

Corel Painter Growth Effect: A Fascinating Fractal
Originally created as far back as Painter version 4, the Growth effect is a fascinating effect that you will want to explore further. The Growth effect was discovered by exploring fractal algorithms, and is based on 2 dimensional fractals. The Growth effect can be found on all versions of Painter and is located in the Esoterica grouping of effects.

Quick Creative Frames in Corel Painter
Learn how to create quick and creative frames around paintings or photos using the Stroke Selection in Painter X or higher.

Photo Painting with Corel Painter Essentials 4
In this tutorial we will take a look at the Photo Painting Palette in Painter Essentials 4 and observe how we can present different effects to an image.

What's New in Painter Essentials 4
Corel Painter Essentials is designed to help beginners and non-artists create digital art and turn photos into art work. Version 4 is quite a departure from previous versions. Here's a summary of the new features along with screen shots to help you learn more about the software. Click a thumbnail below to see a larger screen shot.
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Corel Painter Art Gallery
Digital paintings and art work created with Corel Painter by About.com Graphics Software members. Browse examples of digital art created with Corel Painter.

Spring Has Sprung with Corel Painter Essentials 3
In this tutorial we are going to discover how to create a beautiful spring painting from a photograph with Painter Essentials 3.

Karen Bonaker, Painter Master and Contributor
Karen Bonaker is an About Graphics Software contributing writer for Corel Painter and Corel Painter Essentials.

Corel Painter Review and Rating (Win/Mac)
If your talents lean toward the artistic, Corel Painter is a must-have tool for maximum creative expression in a digital environment. With textured surfaces, brushes and tools, you can mimic painting and drawing with chalk, pastels, watercolors, oils, crayons, pencil, felt pens, ink, and so much more.

Corel Painter 8 Screen Shots
The new user interface of Corel Painter 8.

Getting Expressive With Pattern Pens in Painter
Learn how to apply patterns to your images and paint with patterns in Painter with the Pattern Pen brush variants.

Artistry Online
"Artistry tutorials, written by renowned Painter authority, Karen Sperling, feature images and steps explaining how working professional artists use Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter."

Torbjörn Bergsdal's Artmixer.com
"Your painting site for Painter-made images, tutorials, tips and techniques, watercolours, pastels plus a large photo section with free images."

Jinny Brown's Pixelalley
PixelAlley was "developed and maintained to support Painter and Painter users and artists." Offers tutorials, demos and other resources for Painter 4, 5, 6, and 7. You can also find out about any upcoming Painter Classes from Jinny Brown.

PaintboxJ from Jeremy Sutton
"The techniques, inspiration and advice of Corel Painter Master Jeremy Sutton" with video tutorials, Painter goodies, and articles.

Painter List
A well-established discussion forum for exchanging tips, tricks and techniques for using the natural-media graphics application Painter.

Painter Mailing List
A discussion list for Painter users to share tips, techniques, and technical expertise.

Creating Expressive Surface Textures Using Channels in Painter 12
This effect can be used on any finished painting, photo or a work in progress to add dynamic textural quality to your artwork in Painter. Active channel selections can be directly painted on as well.

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