1. Technology

P2P Photo Sharing - Peer-To-Peer and Person-to-Person File Sharing

With peer-to-peer--or person-to-person--file sharing software, you can share your photos among a network of friends without having to email the pictures or upload them to the Web. P2P provides a direct connection between computers enabling you to swap pictures and chat about them in real time.

KoffeePhoto - for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux
KoffeePhoto works with Windows, Mac OS X or Linux and provides access to any photos you choose to share though the P2P (peer-to-peer) network. One nice feature is that your photos are stored on the KoffeePhoto network at full quality with no compression or size reduction.

Flickr (Web-based)
Flickr is a Flash-based Web application for sharing photos and meeting new people. It offers live photo sharing, public and private groups formation, buddy lists and instant messaging, photo commenting, advanced privacy options, weblog posting, and more. Currently in public beta.

Pixory (Java)
"Pixory allows you to store your photos on your own pc but to access, compose into albums, and share them anywhere on the internet. It's your personal online photo sharing service, running on your computer using your broadband internet connection." Runs in Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X.

PixVillage (Win)
"With PixVillage, create your private network for picture upload. No more storage on a server, your pictures are automatically transferred (upload / download) to your friends through your private PixVillage network."

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