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Image and Photo Databases and Cataloging Software: Windows

Windows software for browsing your images and cataloging them in a database with keywords, descriptions and other data.

ACDSee 10 for Windows Review
ACDSee 10 is certainly a low-cost alternative to some of the more well-known digital darkroom products on the shelves. It has powerful organizational tools that are very "home user" friendly. The editing options will suit a casual user very well, although more advanced users may want more options than ACDSee 10 offers.

Photodex CompuPic Pro (Win) - 5 stars
Photodex CompuPic Pro is a fast and powerful thumbnail image browser and viewer for Windows with lots of extras. Available in an Express version, Standard version, or Pro version.

IMatch Image Management Database (Win) - 4.5 stars
The IMatch image management database for Windows offers seriously powerful image management that rivals high-end image database software at a fraction of the price.

ACD Systems ACDSee 6.0 (Win)- 4 stars
ACDSee has added some essential new features, a new database format, and an interface overhaul to what was once the speed champion of image management software. While it's still a worthy contender, the overall user experience is not significantly enhanced in this version.

Cerious ThumbsPlus (Win) - 4 stars
ThumbsPlus is a robust and powerful image thumbnail browser, database, and batch processing tool. Version 4.5 reviewed.

FotoStation 4.5 (Win/Mac) - 4 stars
FotoStation is a digital media manger and thumbnail image browser with powerful text annotation and image editing abilities.

iView Media Digital Media Catalog (Win/Mac) - 3.5 stars
iView Media is a limited but capable media catalog for organizing and managing all your pictures, music, and video files on the Windows or Macintosh platform.

imagENGine (Win)
Featured Download - A suite of tools for viewing, browsing, printing, and organizing images. Offers web image gallery creation, batch processing, image splitting, and more. $45 US.

eGems Collector Pro (Win)
An information management database for anyone that needs to save information electronically and be able to retrieve it quickly and painlessly. Review by Tanya K. Metaksa.

Graphic Workshop Pro (Win)
Featured Download - Complete image management for the Windows environment. Convert, manipulate, batch process, view, print, crop resize, thumbnail and manage graphics in fifty popular formats. $40 US.

AccessPhoto (Win)
Allows you to associate text descriptions to images and perform searches based on this information. Includes a built-in browser and can be configured to work with third party browsers and editors. Shareware, $24 US.

Asset Bank (Win/Linux/Unix)
"Asset Bank is a server application that enables you to create a searchable, categorised library of digital images and other documents. All client access is through a browser; the server can be installed on Windows, Linux or Unix."

Canto Cumulus (Win/Mac)
Canto offers a complete product line of professional level digital asset management solutions.

DigitalPro (Win)
"DigitalPro 3... combines image browsing and color-managed workflow with real-time cataloging to speed the process of loading, reviewing, cataloging and publishing your photos."

Extensis Portfolio (Win/Mac)
Advanced asset management for the graphics professional.

FotoWare (Win/Mac)
Offers several digital assest management solutions including their high-end image databse software, FotoStation Pro.

iBase Image Systems
Offers image database solutions for PC, LAN and global distribution via the Internet.

Photo Mechanic (Win)
"Photo Mechanic is a standalone image browser that lets you view your digital photos with convenience and speed. Photo Mechanic displays the 'thumbnails' of photos on a camera disk or folder in a familiar 'contact sheet' display window. You can quickly rotate, preview, copy, delete, tag, rename, and add caption / keyword (IPTC news record) information to photos both individually and in batches."

Photo Organizer Deluxe (Win)
"Photo Organizer Deluxe is a Windows software that allows you to create and manage all kinds of digital photo, picture, and graphic catalogs." Registration is US$65.

Photo PackRat and Photo PackRat Plus (Win)
Organizes digital images into categories and sub-categories of your choosing, searches digital pictures by keywords, and also includes a calendar, phone/address book, thought organizer, and home inventory manager.

Phylum (Win/Mac)
Digital image management for scientific imaging.

Retriever (Win)
View images, generate thumbnails and contact sheets, create image databases, identify duplicate images, create thumbnail Web pages, generate mosaics, and more. $20 US.

Secure Family Album (Win)
"Secure Family Album (SFA) is a program with an Outlook-like interface designed to store your digital family photos together in your digital family album. All the photos may be categorized hierarchically. Any single photo, as well as the album in whole may be protected with a password."

Smart Pix Manager (Win)
View and maintain large image collections, catalog images with keywords and descriptions, perform searches, password protect images, rotate, flip, resize, apply filters and effects, and more. $33.50 US.

ThumbsPlus WebClient Server (Win/Mac/Linux)
"The ThumbsPlus WebClient provides your users with easy access to your ThumbsPlus image database over an intranet or even the web. With any Windows, Mac OS or Linux PC use Internet Explorer or Firefox to access your ThumbsPlus database - without any installation on the client PC."

VeriPic Photo Management Software
"VeriPic uses artificial intelligence to extract keywords so users can type photo descriptions in plain English and the system can search for photos without requiring users to create or organize categories. It is designed for large scale corporate photo management allowing thousands of simultaneous users to access large databases with hundreds of thousands of photos."

Where Is It? (Win)
This media cataloging tool features an explorer-style interface, small catalog files sizes, easy data sharing, fast access to item properties, support for compressed formats, multi-threaded searching, report generator, and more. $39.95 US

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