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Adobe Illustrator Tutorials for Basics and Tools

Learn the basics and tools of Adobe Illustrator with these free online tutorials.

Create a Silhouette Gift in Illustrator
Using some of the basic drawing tools in Illustrator you can manually trace a photo to make a personalized silhouette gift.

Introducing the New Pattern Tool in Illustrator CS6
See how to utilize the new pattern tool in Illustrator CS6 to create perfectly tiling pattern fills easily.

One-Stroke Heart in Illustrator
Learn a quick and easy way to draw a heart in Illustrator that turns out perfect every time using the pen tool and a three-click stroke.

Make a Celtic Knot Border in Illustrator
Learn how to create a Celtic knot border in Illustrator and add an Irish blessing to use for a St. Patrick's Day greeting card or party invitation.

Stars and Stripes - Put Shapes Inside a Shape with Illustrator
In this beginner tutorial for Illustrator tutorial, you will create a star shape using the Star tool, then create stripes using the Rectangle tool. With the help of a mask, you'll cut the stripes and paste them inside the star.

Basic Drawing in Illustrator - Video
Illustrator CS allows you to draw vector-based images with ease. But before you start your next masterpiece, you need to know the basics. Learn several ways to draw a simple heart shape.

Using the New Live Trace Feature in Illustrator CS2
Live Trace is one of the best new features in Illustrator CS2. With this tool you will be able to trace logos, sketches, scans, and many other bitmap images that were time-consuming and difficult to reproduce in minutes

Save for Web in Illustrator CS
When using Illustrator, you may not think of it as a web design tool, but with an excellent Save for Web feature you can use Illustrator to make and save your web graphics.

Creating Brushes in Illustrator CS
Want to make some special stationery for invitations to your big St. Patrick's Day bash? Want to whip up some St. Paddy's Day graphics? Using Illustrator Brushes and Symbols can speed up your drawing time!

Using the Transform Each Command
An often overlooked feature of Illustrator is Transform Each. Transform Each allows you to perform several transformations at the same time. Learn how this command can save you time and make your work more efficient in Illustrator.

Live Trace in Illustrator - Video
The live trace tool enables you to change photos into vector-based drawings, allowing you to resize any image without losing quality. Learn how to use live trace in Adobe Illustrator.

Aligning Irregular Objects
"The grid is handy for aligning simple shapes, but for irregular shapes with multiple pieces, it's useless. Until now." Version 7.

Aligning Rotated Shapes
"It would be nice to have a polar grid, but no such luck. With a bit of ingenuity we can get the same effect." Version 7.

Better Selecting in Adobe Illustrator
From Creativepro.com: "Selecting objects in a complex Illustrator file can sometimes be frustrating. George Penston shares his favorite techniques for homing in quickly on just the objects you need."

Corner Artifacts
"If an outlined line with sharp corners is divided, you end up with corner artifacts. Here's how to deal with them." Version 7

Creating Multiple Page Documents
Adobe Illustrator does not have native functionality to support multi-page documents, but you can set up your artboard to print multiple pages using a custom page size and the tiling feature.

Filters vs. Effects
Filters and Effects: they're both on the menu, and they both seem to offer the same things...so what is the difference?

Follow the Vectors
Learn how to move vector objects and paths from Illustrator to Photoshop and vice-versa.

Gradient Fill Text and Blends
Learn how to fill text with gradients and use blends to create graduated color fills.

Gradient Fills
Explore gradient fills and learn how to edit them with the gradient palette.

Illustrator's Blending Modes
"Illustrator's Transparency palette sets the opacity of objects, and allows you to use blending modes determine how the colors of objects mix with the colors of objects they cross. Here's how the blending modes work."

Opacity Masks in Illustrator CS
By David Nagel "There are dozens of ways in Adobe Illustrator to combine objects to produce new shapes or effects. But one of the most creative--and probably least known--is the opacity mask. With this technique, you can combine an object with one or more other objects to define transparent areas of the shape. You can even use Opacity Masks to create image effects on live type."

Pattern Brush Anatomy 101
Making pattern brushes can be baffling. How do you get the pattern to go around corners the right way so you can use the brushes on shapes like squares, stars, and hexagons, or bending lines? This clears it all up and you'll be creating your own pattern brushes in no time! For Illustrator 9 and 10.

Printable Grids
How to make printable grids in in Illustrator 9.

Resizing and Transformation Tricks
Several methods and tips for resizing, scaling, and transforming objects in Illustrator 9 and 10.

Saving Custom Styles
Want more Styles in Illustrator 9 or 10? You can make your own and save them to use later.

Transparent Gradients in Adobe Illustrator
"This technique allows you not only to create gradients that transition from a solid to transparent color, but to generate complex gradients as well in which the transparency gradient can cut across the color gradient."

Create an Easter Basket Cupcake Holder in Illustrator
In this tutorial you will work with patterns in Illustrator to create a template for a small Easter basket which you can print, cut, and assemble to hold a cupcake or Easter candy.

Using the New Rectangular Grid Tool in Illustrator 10
An overview of the new rectangular grid tool in Illustrator 10.

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