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Essential Tutorials for Adobe Illustrator

These free online tutorials will help you get started learning essential techniques in Adobe Illustrator.
  1. Basics & Tools (29)
  2. Creating Art & Effects (31)
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Creating a Popup Gift Box
This tutorial shows you how to create a unique gift box for small gifts using Adobe Illustrator. The gift box template can be decorated with different graphics for any soft of occasion.

Making Party Invitations in Adobe Illustrator
Fall brings brightly colored leaves, cooler weather and Halloween parties! Here's a quick way to make your own invitations. The layout used for these invitations is easily used for thank you notes or invitations to any event, as well as for note cards. They fit two to a letter size page, and use invitation size envelopes, also known as A2 size, which you can buy at any stationery or office supply store.

How to Make Christmas Placecards in Adobe Illustrator
Personalize your holiday table with Christmas placecards created in Adobe Illustrator. This tutorials starts with a template for placecards to brighten your holiday table. We will make holly leaves and Christmas lights to use to decorate the placecards.

Flash without Flash
Learn how to use Illustrator or Freehand to create Shockwave Flash content.

Illustrator 9.0 and SVG Export
Learn how to export your illustrations to SVG format for the Web.

Releasing Layers for Flash
This tutorial from Adobe shows you how Illustrator 9's layers can be exported to SWF frames.

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