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Adobe Illustrator Plugins and Add-ons

Plugins, add-ons, and third-party tools for extending the functionality of Adobe Illustrator. Some of these plugins also work in other vector-based software such as Macromedia Freehand.

FILTERiT4 (Win/Mac) - Guide Review
Enhance Adobe Illustrator 8 or 9 with new tools and effects. CValley's FILTERiT4 plug-in set will simplify and automate many tedious tasks to expand your creativity, and increase your productivity. $129 US. Tryout version available.

Allegorithmic MaPZone (Win)
[plugin] A free texture and pattern generator.

Art Files (Mac)
Art Files is a stand-alone collection utility for Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files. "Takes the tedious task of collecting Illustrator documents, linked images and fonts for graphics files and turns it into a simple point & click operation. Art Files currently supports scanning and collecting Illustrator (.ai) documents (versions 8, 9 and 10)."

Artlandia LivePresets (Win/Mac)
"Instantly create live pattern swatches or symbols and start editing them with your favorite Illustrator tools. All linked artwork updates interactively as you edit."

Artlandia SymmetryWorks (Win/Mac)
A productivity plugin for Adobe Illustrator that automates creation of symmetry-based surface designs and ornaments for illustrations, wallpaper, textiles, quilting, tilings, web pages, and other applications.

Avenza MAPublisher
A suite of plug-ins that brings Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to high-end graphics software.

BPT-Pro2 (Win/Mac)
BPT-Pro2 plug-in is designed to "make your Adobe Illustrator become a highly functional 2D-CAD program, equipped with 8 kinds and 17 different tools, all accessed through the Illustrator tool box with a convenient information palette."

CAD Tools for Illustrator
Add drawing and dimensioning tools to Illustrator 7 or 8.

Code Zebra Symbol Libraries for Adobe Illustrator
This collection of technical symbols for use with Adobe Illustrator 10, features thousands of unique symbols in 81 different libraries, including: Architecture, Building Services, Landscaping, Electrical, Mechanical, Fasteners, and General. Libraries can be purchased individually or in various industry-related collections for both Mac and PC platforms.

DWG Export Plug-In (Mac)
Add DWG export capability to Illustrator for sharing your files with AutoCAD users.

DXF Export Plug-In (Mac)
Add DXF export capability to Illustrator for sharing your files with AutoCAD users.

EXDXF-Pro2 (Win/Mac)
"EXDXF-Pro2 provides you with the capability to import CAD standard DXF files to Adobe Illustrator, and to export AI files to CAD, allowing you to make your data compatible in both applications. Illustrator CS2 includes basic DXF/DWG import and export functions, but the translator of Adobe Illustrator may not recognize or convert lines, curves and objects as you desire in every case."

FlexoStepX (Win/Mac)
FlexoStepX offers a "...solution to the time-consuming, tedious, and mistake-prone act of stepping, repeating, and distorting label and packaging artwork." Macintosh versions are a vailable for Macromedia Freehand 10/MX or Adobe Illustrator 8/9/10/11, and a Windows version is available for Illustrator 10/11.

FoldUP! 3D (Win/Mac)
Packaging design plugin for Illustrator "Using FoldUP! 3D, you can rapidly test a variety of designs digitally, eliminating the time-consuming step of creating a physical prototype. If you're a designer that uses Illustrator, we think you will find this plug-in to be perfect for modeling your packaging projects, dimensional mailers, or any other folding paper design."

Graffix Illustrator Plugins (Mac/Win)
Several freeware and shareware Illustrator plugins for Macintosh, plus clip art and a few tools for Windows. Plug-ins include: Trackplan Tools, Concatenate, Proof Block, Nudge Palette, Square-Up, Alien Palette, Select Dashed/Un-dashed Paths, Select Open/Closed Paths, and Rotate Text/Untransform.

Hot Door MultiPage (Win/Mac)
Add multiple page support to Illustrator 9.0. Demo available. $49 US.

Hot Door Perspective (Mac/Win)
Dimensional drawing environment for Adobe Illustrator 8 or 9. Allows you to make realistic compositions with isometric, oblique, and perspective objects over adjustable background grids.

LogoSpruce (Win/Mac)
A collection of tracing, trimming, and guide tools to help manually edit faxed or scanned images from within Adobe Illustrator 7/8/9.

MadPattern - A Free Tool For Rapidly Prototyping Patterns
MadPattern is a collection of Adobe Illustrator templates for prototyping patterns. Compatible with Illustrator CS4 and CS5.

MagiSign (Mac)
Plug-in products that allow you to drive sign cutting plotters from Illustrators menus. Compatible with over 350 sign cutting plotters. Available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch.

MapStudio (Win/Mac)
"MapStudio is a set of orienteering symbols for Adobe Illustrator which simplifies drawing orienteering maps with Illustrator." Versions available for Illustrator versions 5.5 through 10 for Mac and Windows.

Moam QwikMarx (Win/Mac)
Provides print-ready trim, live and bleed marks through the use of a simple dialog box. All you do is type the trim, bleed and live dimensions into a dialog box and the exact dimensions are displayed live, on-screen, ready to use. Requires Illustrator 8.01 or later for Windows or Mac. Also compatible with InDesign and QuarkXpress. $49 US.

NiceCut and NiceCut Pro (Win/Mac)
Professional sign cutting system for Adobe Illustrator. Export designs from Illustrator 7/8/9 directly to your cutting plotter.

Nineblock Software Products (Win/Mac)
BetterHandles is a tool to help you create and edit curve handles in Illustrator. SnapMeasure improves on Illustrator's measuring capabilities.

Path Styler Pro (Win/Mac)
"Path Styler Pro uses the precision of paths to create sharp and clean beveled images that do not require softening."

Phantasm CS (Win/Mac)
"Adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, levels, curves... and more... of the artwork directly and precisely within Illustrator."

Plugins, Brushes and Styles for Illustrator
A variety of plugins, brushes and styles to purchase for Illustrator 8, 9, 10, and CS.

Silhouette (Win/Mac)
Silhouette converts black and white or colour bitmap images into vector designs. Features batch processing and special correction tools for adjusting alignments, sharpening corners, supressing unnecessary points, smoothing tangents, and more. Available as stand alone software or as a plugin for Adobe Illustrator 8, 9 and 10.

Slim-Point (Win/Mac)
Automatically deletes unnecessary anchor points, lightens data and dramatically reduces file sizes. For Adobe Illustrator 7/8/9.

ST Thumbnails Explorer (Win)
A full-function file manager, image and file cataloguer and thumbnails viewer for vector drawing software including Adobe Illustrator (.ai), CorelDRAW (.cdr; .cdt; .cmx; .ccx; .pat), CorelXARA, XaraX, Deneba Canvas, Macromedia FreeHand and many more. $24.90 US.

Stephen Vincent's Adobe Illustrator Plug-Ins (Win/Mac)
Kimbo adds 11 new tools in 2 tool groups to Illustrator's tool pallette: Mirror, Cut, Rectangle Cut, Tile and Rosette. Curvius adds 7 new filters to Illustrator's filter menu: Crenellate, Reverse Path Roughen Roulette Simplify Smooth and Straighten. Tessella allows you to create not only rectangular patterns but also rhombic, hexagonal, triangular ones as well.

Vector Studio (Mac/Win)
"Creative filters and tools to simplify design projects in Adobe Illustrator 10: Powerful shape editing tools, zoom lenses, gradient and texture effects, intuitive and interactive color editing tools with Sampler Tools and Retouch Brushes, palette layout management." $129US.

Vertigo Pop Art (Win/Mac)
Turn any path into a 3D object in Illustrator.

Virtual Mirror Vector Studio (Win/Mac)
A collection of 8 plugins for Illustrator. "Plug-ins include powerful shape editing tools, elegant texturing facilities, intuitive and interactive color editing, and workspace management... compatible with Adobe Illustrator 9, 10, and CS (Mac OS9/Mac OSX/Windows)."

Xtream Path (Win/Mac)
"You no longer have to be constrained to control points when editing paths. It allows you to drag anywhere on a path and edit only the exact location you want."

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