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Adobe Illustrator Free Downloads

Free downloads for Illustrator users including brushes, actions, clip art, third-party utilities and more.
  1. Illustrator Templates

18 Square Frame and Border Shapes
Download 18 square design custom shapes in EPS and SVG vector formats to use for frames and borders in your projects.

Free Halloween Symbols for Adobe Illustrator
Here are some free Halloween symbols to download for Adobe Illustrator by Sara Froehlich.

Free St. Patrick's Day & Shamrock Symbols
Here are some free St. Patrick's Day and shamrock symbols to download. Symbols are supported in Adobe Illustrator 10 and higher.

Abstract Art Brushes for Adobe Illustrator
"A collection of five abstract brushes for Adobe Illustrator... Perfect for drawing abstract graphics. If you experiment with different stroke colors, size and layer transparency you can get all sorts of visual effects."

Adobe Illustrator Artwork
Free for non-commercial use. Available in both ZIPped Illustrator 5.0 and Encapsulated Postscript formats: American flag, recycle symbol, biohazard symbol, and the White Horse of Uffington.

Adobe Illustrator Updates for Macintosh
Tryout versions, updates, and tools for all versions of Illustrator. Requires Registration.

Adobe Illustrator Updates for Windows
Tryout versions, updates, and tools for all versions of Illustrator. Requires Registration.

Adobe Studio Exchange
"Adobe Studio Exchange is your place for actions, plug-ins, extensions, tutorials, and other helper files that allow you to easily add new features to Adobe products. You can even create your own files, upload them, and share them with the entire Adobe Studio Exchange community."

AI5-7 File Checker for Macintosh
AI5-7 File Checker determines which version of Illustrator an Illustrator file was saved in and lets you automatically add the version number as a suffix to the filename.

Code Line Web Colors (Mac)
Swatch library for Adobe Illustrator 7+. HTML safe RGB colors listed in their hex format. Just place it in the 'Swatch Libraries' folder in your 'Adobe Illustrator Folder'. Freeware.

David Nagel's Effects for Adobe Illustrator, Series 2
"10 resolution-independent soft bevel filters... All of the bevels are soft (meaning rounded) rather than chiseled. And they all use a spotlight style of lighting, which means that the lighting for the bevel emanates from a fixed area in your object, radiating outward."

David Nagel's Filter Effects for Adobe Illustrator
"18 SVG filters for creating color and noise effects."

David Nagel's Illustrator Art Brushes
"25 custom vector-based brushes... varying in size, shape and, in many cases, blending mode (to help the strokes blend with one another on the canvas). All 25 are entirely vector-based and can also be customized for size, width, directionality, etc."

David Nagel's Illustrator Brushes, Series 3
"10 brush tips, varying in size and shape... designed to work on Macintosh and Windows systems running Adobe Illustrator 10."

David Nagel's Illustrator Brushes, Series 4
"20 brush tips, varying in shape and depth. All of the brushes in this collection are designed to resemble wet strokes."

David Nagel's Illustrator Brushes, Series 5
"20 brush tips, 15 of which are textured pencil tips using the Scatter Brush mode, and five of which are thin, wet strokes using the Art Brush mode. Each of the brushes is 12 pixels wide or smaller and can be reduced or enlarged by changing the stroke weight of your object."

David Nagel's Illustrator Text Styles, Series 1
"30 individual texture and distortion effects, all designed for text so that it remains editable even after the effects are applied."

David Nagel's Illustrator Text Styles, Series 2
"16 glow, shadow and border effects for text"

David Nagel's Natural Media Brushes for Illustrator 10
"Each brush is designed in some way to approximate natural media in one of four categories: chalk, charcoal, rags and cloth. Every single minute detail of these brushes is vector-based, and they can be expanded or manipulated in any way that Illustrator can handle vectors, which is, incidentally, quite a lot."

Gay Theme Brushes
A collection of gay-theme brushes for Illustrator 8.

Illustrator Actions
Two actions - one that does, well... nothing, and another that "squashes your artwork flat". Macintosh format.

Illustrator Brushes Website
Currently offers more than 50 Illustrator brushes for free download, with a selection of illustrator scatter brushes, pattern and art brushes.

Integration and Application Network Symbol Libraries
"The IAN symbol libraries contain over 1000 custom made symbols (in 28 categories) designed specifically for enhancing science communication skills for the graphically challenged. Using the Drag 'n' Drop capabilities of Adobe Illustrator (version 10 or better) diagrammatic representations of complex processes can be developed easily with minimal graphical skills."

Vector Art: Random Vectors
"The pack contains around 80 vector illustrations. Inside you can find, heraldic symbols, laurel leaves, girl illustrations, a security camera, birds, skylines and many more... The artwork is saved in Adobe Illustrator file format."

Vector Leaves Brush Pack for Adobe Illustrator
"A free Callgraphic, Splatter and Art Leaves Brush Set for Adobe Illutrator from SacroDesign. You can use it to draw vector leaves and branches."

Victorian Symbols for Adobe Illustrator
"A set of 20 decoration symbols in Victorian style. You can use them for decorating your design composition or creating a seamless floral pattern."

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