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Patterns are Easier Than Ever in Illustrator CS6
Patterns in Adobe Illustrator CS6

Patterns in Adobe Illustrator CS6

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Patterns can be edited with ease and making repeating patterns is a snap! Textile designers, listen up! Your work just got a whole lot easier. No more aligning to grids and trying over until you get it right. Now Illustrator does the tedious work for you. Create your art work, select it and Object > Pattern > Make. It's that easy. The pattern will be added to the swatches panel and Pattern Options open. With a few clicks you can change the elements in the pattern, changing colors, scale or rotate, add more elements, even use different pattern tile types. Your changes are automatically saved to the swatches, and not only that, any item you've used the pattern on will be automatically updated.

Want to see more of these great features in action? Watch a video on the new features on AdobeTV.

So… is it Worth Upgrading to Illustrator CS6?

The answer for me: absolutely! This is a major upgrade, and since Illustrator has been revamped completely it's a great time to move forward if you skipped a version or two. The gradient stroke features, pattern improvements, and the new trace engine would be worth the upgrade alone, and you have the enhanced performance of the Mercury Performance System and the new and improved UI thrown in for a bonus.

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