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Create a Custom Font with Illustrator and Fontastic
Learn how you can create your very own font using Illustrator and the free online web service fontastic.me.

Create a Peel Back Sticker
This tutorial shows you how to create a peel back sticker with a page curl, or dog-eared page effect, using Adobe Illustrator.

Make Your Shapes Shine - Draw a Shiny Surfboard in Illustrator
In this tutorial, you will use Illustrator to create a surfboard and give it a shiny surface. You'll also decorate the surfboard with a ready-made graphic of a pair of flip-flops on the beach.

Create an Easter Basket Cupcake Holder in Illustrator
Use Illustrator to create a template for an Easter basket which can be used to hold a cupcake or Easter candy.

Turn a Van Gogh Style Sketch into a Vector Graphic with Illustrator
This tutorial shows you how to take a scanned sketch and convert it into a vector graphic, then add color to it using Adobe Illustrator.

Create a Silhouette Gift in Illustrator
Trace a photo in illustrator to create a silhouette image which you can print and frame for a personalized gift.

Introducing the New Pattern Tool in Illustrator CS6
Using the new pattern tool in Illustrator CS6, its easier than ever to create perfectly tiling pattern fills.

Make a Stylized Graphic in Illustrator
In this tutorial, you'll use Illustrator to turn a photo into a stylized graphic in monochromatic colors. Then you'll create a second color variation. You'll use the pen tool and layers as you work through this tutorial.

One-Stroke Heart in Illustrator
This tutorial will show you a quick and easy way to draw a perfect heart in Illustrator every time using the pen tool and one three-click stroke.

Create a Custom Cupcake Wrapper in Adobe Illustrator
This tutorial will show you how to use Illustrator to make a cupcake wrapper design for a baby shower. Once you learn how, you can create your own designs to tie in with the theme of any Special occasion, be it a holiday, birthday, or a day to say "congratulations!"

Illustrator CS6 Overview
Adobe Illustrator's 25th Anniversary release, Illustrator CS6, is the biggest and best ever, adding the Mercury Performance System for speed and stability. Adobe has added tons of new features, a completely rewritten interface, and huge improvements on familiar features like Trace and Patterns.

Make a Celtic Knot Border in Illustrator
In this tutorial, you will use Adobe Illustrator to create a Celtic knot border design. This tutorial uses an Irish blessing for the text, but you can use your own text if you like; perhaps written for a greeting card or party invitation.

Wacom Inkling Review
Learn about Wacom Inkling, a digital sketch pen which allows you to create drawings on standard paper or in a sketchbook, and later transfer your sketches to Adobe Illustrator for further refinement.

Re-create a Logo from a Poor Quality Scan with Illustrator
Learn from this tutorial how to use Illustratror CS4 to re-create a logo from a poor quality scan, three different ways; automatically trace the logo using Live Trace, manually trace the logo using a template layer, and use a matching font.

Best of New Features in Illustrator CS5
Take a sneak peek at the new features coming in Illustrator CS5, part of Adobe Creative Suite 5.

Using Patterns in Illustrator
Patterns in Illustrator are easy to use, and they can be applied to fills, strokes, and even resized, rotated, or repositioned within an object. Let's look at applying patterns to an object, and then see how easy it is to resize, reposition, or even rotate the pattern within an object.

Using Graphic Styles in Illustrator (Part 2)
Graphic Styles in Adobe Illustrator allow you to save a collection of effects as a Style so it can be used over and over again. I'll show you how to access the Graphic Styles installed with Illustrator, and how to use a new feature in Illustrator CS4 called Additive Styles to make transformations and effects a snap.

Using Graphic Styles in Illustrator (Part 1)
Graphic Styles in Adobe Illustrator allow you to save a collection of effects as a Style so it can be used over and over again. I'll show you how to access the Graphic Styles installed with Illustrator, and how to use a new feature in Illustrator CS4 called Additive Styles to make transformations and effects a snap.

What's New in Illustrator CS4
With new features like multiple Artboards and the vastly improved gradient tool, Illustrator CS4 is one of the best Illustrator upgrades ever. Browse this screen shot tour to learn more about the what's new in Illustrator CS4.

Adobe Illustrator CS2 Overview
This is an overview of Illustrator CS2 designed to help you get started with Adobe's top layout program.

Biography of Sara Froehlich, Contributor
Biography of Sara Froehlich, contributor of Adobe Illustrator tutorials for the graphics software site.

Product Summary: Adobe Illustrator 10 (Win/Mac)
An overview and feature highlights of this industry-standard application for vector-based drawing and illustration.

Book Review: The Illustrator 10 Wow! Book
This is not your basic Illustrator book, but if you are a novice and are willing to spend the time required going through this book you will become a very competent Illustrator user.

Review: Adobe 'Classroom in a Book' Series
These training books from Adobe staff are a great way to learn any Adobe software, including Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator ACE Exam Aid (Win/Mac)
The program was designed to help you pass the Adobe Certified Expert exam for Illustrator. It is laid out in a similar style to the actual Adobe exam and contains 250 questions and answers plus references to help you expand your knowledge. A demo version is available for download. Full version can be purchased for $40 USD.

Why and How to Become an Adobe Certified Expert
Adobe Certified Expert Shangara Singh tells you the who, what, where, how, and why of becoming an ACE.

Stars and Stripes - Put Shapes Inside a Shape with Illustrator
In this tutorial, you will create a star shape using the Star tool, then create stripes using the Rectangle tool. With the help of a mask, you'll cut the stripes and paste them inside the star. To follow along, you'll need Illustrator CS6 or other recent version of Illustrator.

Browse the alt.graphics.illustrator newsgroup via Google.

Using OpenType Extended Characters in Illustrator
Using OpenType extended characters, or glyphs, is a snap with Illustrator's OpenType Panel. Learn some tips and tricks for using extended characters with OpenType fonts in Illustrator.

Using the Glyph Panel in Illustrator CS5
Learn how to use glyphs, or extended characters, in OpenType fonts with the Glyphs Panel in Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator Tips, Tricks and Tutorials
Sara Froehlich of Northlite Designs offers several Illustrator tutorials. You can also find out about her Illustrator classes at LVS Online.

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