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GIMP Tutorials - Learning The GIMP

The GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation Program is a free, open-source image editing application for photo retouching, painting, compositing, and image creation. Here you can find tips and tutorials for using GIMP. Also see the main index of GIMP resources on this site.

How to Use Fancy Free Placards in GIMP
Make your blog titles more interesting by adding them to a photo with a fancy placard background using GIMP and a set of free placard graphics.

How to Use Photoshop Brushes in GIMP
This tutorial shows you how to install Photoshop custom brushes in the free image editor GIMP. The ability to use Photoshop brushes in GIMP is a very useful feature of GIMP that can allow it to be extended with many free brushes that are available online.

How to Produce an Out of Bounds Image Effect in GIMP
Use the out of bounds effect to make part of a photo appear to be popping out of the frame.

How to Make a Torn Paper Edge in GIMP
Create a torn paper edge effect with GIMP in this simple tutorial for beginners.

How to Make Digital Washi Tape in GIMP
Learn how to emulate Japanese Washi tape for your digital projects in this simple GIMP tutorial.

How to Make Retro Sun Rays in GIMP
Retro sun rays have been a popular graphic style for many years and their popularity shows no sign of waning. In this step by step tutorial, you can create your own sun rays effect with GIMP.

How to Zoom and Navigate Documents in GIMP
Learn all the possible ways of zooming and navigating documents with GIMP. Even if you think you may know GIMP very well, this article may help you discover some new ways of moving around your documents when viewing at higher zoom levels.

How to Make a Tilt Shift Effect in GIMP
Use GIMP to create the popular tilt shift effect to make your photos looks like miniature toy scenes.

How to Change Interface Themes in GIMP 2.8
Using free themes, you can change the user interface appearance of GIMP, or you can easily change the colors of GIMP without using themes.

How to Use the Cage Transform Tool in GIMP
GIMP's Cage Transform Tool is a powerful and versatile way to transform photos and areas within photos, and is a useful way for photographers to reduce the effects of perspective distortion.

Introduction to Layer Groups in GIMP 2.8
Get to know the layer groups feature introduced in GIMP 2.8.

How to Make Cupcake Wrappers in GIMP With a Personalised Touch
Learn how to create personalized cupcake wrappers in GIMP. This is a popular craft project which makes a fun decoration for a party or birthday celebration.

How to Make a Fun Picture in GIMP Using a Cut Out Cartoon
Here's a fun GIMP tutorial for Saint Patrick's Day. Put someone's face inside a leprechaun cartoon for a humorous St. Patty's card, invitation or greeting.

How to Create the Dreamy Soft Focus Orton Effect in GIMP
The Orton technique produces a dreamy soft focus effect that can make a relatively uninteresting photo much more striking. This tutorial will show you how simple it is to create this effect using layer blending modes in GIMP.

How to Add Inner Text Shadow in GIMP
Gimp does not provide a one-click automatic preset for creating an inner shadow text effect, but you can create this cut out text effect manually in just a few steps.

How to Correct White Balance with GIMP
Learn how to correct a color cast from an incorrect white balance setting using Levels and a few other tools in GIMP.

Split Tone With Gradient Map in GIMP for Color Tint Effects
This tutorial explains how to split tone with the Gradient Map in GIMP, a technique that allows you to produces subtle color tint effects with mono images.

Split Tone With Color Balance in GIMP for Creative Tinting Effects
This tutorial will show you an easy technique to split tone with color balance in GIMP for applying creative tinting effects to your digital photos.

How to Make an HDR Photo in GIMP with the Exposure Blend Plugin
You can produce HDR photos in GIMP with the Exposure Merge Plugin. Learn how to install and use it with this tutorial.

How to Adjust Letter Spacing Between Pairs of Letters Using GIMP
Gimp doesn't offer a tool for adjusting the spacing between letter pairs, a technique called kerning. But this tutorial will show you how to work around this limitation using layers in GIMP.

Adjusting Text Line Spacing and Letter Spacing in GIMP
Adjusting the line spacing and letter spacing of text in GIMP can be a useful way to make text fit within a limited space.

How to Mix Colors in GIMP
Learn how to mix and select colors in GIMP. This tutorial will help you understand all the tabs of the color picker in GIMP.

How to Produce an Etsy Store Banner in GIMP
This tutorial shows the basics of how to produce an Etsy store banner in GIMP, the free image editor

Using Liquid Rescale GIMP Plugin for Resizing Images Without Distortion
Liquid Rescale is a GIMP plugin that gives you the power to change the size and proportions of images without distorting important elements. This tutorial will take you through the process of installing the Liquid Rescale GIMP plugin and then using it to resize a photo.

Using Layer Masks in GIMP to Edit Specific Areas of a Photo
Layer masks in GIMP give you the ability to edit specific parts of an image in different ways.

Convert a Photo to Black and White with Channel Mixer in GIMP
The Channel Mixer tool in GIMP offers flexibility when converting color photos to black and white.

How to Use Photoshop Plugins in GIMP
Learn how to use Photoshop plugins in GIMP using the PSPI plugin. There are already many GIMP plugins offered for free on the web, but the ability to use Photoshop plugins in GIMP opens up an even larger range of options for GIMP users.

Change the Color of Digital Papers With Colorize in GIMP
This is a simple technique to change the color of digital papers or other digital elements using the Colorize feature in GIMP. It is ideal for anyone interested in digital scrapbooking who wants to quickly change the color of digital papers to allow them to use them in different ways.

Change the Color of Digital Papers with Hue-Saturation in GIMP
This technique can help you change the color of your digital papers in one simple step using the Hue-Saturation feature in GIMP.

How to Make a Custom Gradient in GIMP
GIMP's Gradient Editor isn't the most intuitive feature of the application, but it is quite easy to master. Learn how to produce a simple gradient that blends from red to green to blue. Once you understand the steps used to produce a gradient with three colors, you can use the same techniques to build more complex gradients with many more colors.

Generate a Color Scheme from a Gradient in GIMP
GIMP offers several methods for producing color schemes and one useful method is to import colors from a gradient. This technique is especially well suited to producing color palettes based on complementary colors or monotone color schemes where one color fades to white.

Generate a Color Scheme from an Image in GIMP
GIMP makes it very easy to create a color palette based on the colors in an image or digital photo. Importing a palette from an image in GIMP can be an easy way to produce a color scheme and ensure consistent colors are used within a document.

How to Import a Color Palette into GIMP
You can use Color Scheme Designer to create a GPL palette file to import into GIMP. There are a few steps to get your exported color scheme into a fully GIMP ready format and then imported into GIMP, and this tutorial will show you the process.

Add a Graphic Watermark in GIMP
This tutorial shows how to apply a graphic watermark to an image in GIMP. Applying your logo or a copyright notice to your photos as a graphic watermark can discourage people from misusing the photos that you post online.

Add a Text Watermark in GIMP
This simple tutorial shows how to add a text watermark to an image using GIMP. Adding a text watermark with your copyright can help protect your photos from being copied or stolen when you post them online.

How to Link Layers in GIMP
GIMP's Layers palette is a very powerful feature, but the Link Layers option has been almost hidden. This feature quite simply links two or more layers together so that you can apply transformations equally to each layer without having to merge them first.

Easy Photo Edit in GIMP Using Brightness-Contrast
Learn a very easy photo edit you can do in GIMP using the Brightness-Contrast feature.

Make Your Photos Better Using GIMP Levels
GIMP Levels adjustments are a quick way to make your photos look better. If you've ever opened the Levels dialog in GIMP, it can look a little overwhelming, but it is a very simple tool to use.

Make Your Photos Better Using GIMP Curves
Making Curves adjustments to your photos in GIMP can help to quickly improve their appearance. The Curves feature in GIMP can look quite intimidating, but it is very intuitive to use. In fact you can get good results from fiddling with Curves without really understanding what you are doing.

How to Use the Display Navigation Dialog in GIMP
The Display Navigation palette in GIMP is an easy and convenient way to pan and zoom the image you are working on.

Useful GIMP Keyboard Shortcuts
These are a selection of handy keyboard shortcuts for GIMP users.

How to Make Selections in GIMP
GIMP offers a good range of tools for making selections that allow you to make quick and simple selections or more advanced selections. Here's a summary of all the selection tools available in GIMP with links to further information on each selection tool.

Which File Types Can I Open in GIMP?
GIMP can open and save a variety of file types and these are some of the most popular.

GIMP Crop Tool
The Crop Tool in GIMP offers a variety of options that change the way that the tool operates. Learn how to use the crop tool in GIMP and adjust cropping options for the best results.

Allow Growing Option for GIMP's Crop Tool
Learn about the allow growing option for GIMP's crop tool.

How to Draw a Love Heart In GIMP for Valentine's Day
A tutorial on how to draw a love heart in GIMP using just a few tools. The basic heart shape can be used in your Valentine's Day cards and projects.

What is the Supernova Filter in GIMP?
An introduction to the Supernova filter in GIMP for creating lens flare and starburst lighting effects. The Supernova filter in GIMP is a fairly flexible tool that can be used to enhance photos with naturalistic effects or to apply highly stylized effects to fantasy images or designs.

Add a Sun Effect to a Photo with GIMP
This tutorial shows how to add a fake sun to a photo using the Supernova filter in GIMP.

How to Make a Fake Lomo Photo in GIMP
This tutorial shows you how to add a fake Lomo effect to your photos using GIMP.

How to Create a Custom Greeting Card in GIMP
Learn how to create a custom double-sided greeting card with the free software GIMP using your own photo or graphics and text.

How to Use a Make-a-Flake Snowflake in GIMP
Snowflakes downloaded from Make-a-Flake can be easily edited in GIMP to change the color and remove the white background.

How to Draw a Christmas Tree in GIMP
This tutorial will show you how to draw a simple Christmas tree in GIMP using basic techniques which can be carried over to many other projects.

How to Install Photoshop Brushes in GIMP - Illustrated Tutorial
Photoshop brushes can be used in GIMP to make the free pixel based image editor even more powerful. This tutorial shows you how you can extend GIMP by installing the many free Photoshop custom brushes that are available online.

Fake Snow in GIMP - Tutorial to Add Fake Snow to a Photo in GIMP
This simple tutorial shows how to add a fake snow effect to a photo using GIMP.

Use GIMP to Make Dripping Spray Graffiti Style Text
This is a simple spray graffiti style text tutorial that will show you how to create the effect of spray painted lettering in GIMP.

How to Draw a Ghost with the Paths Tool in GIMP
This is a simple GIMP tutorial to show how to draw a ghost with the Paths Tool.

Straighten a Horizon with GIMP
This simple tutorial shows a GIMP digital photo editing technique to straighten a horizon in a photo or align a picture which is crooked by using the corrective option in the rotate tool.

GIMP Rotate Tool
The GIMP Rotate Tool can be used in several ways thanks to the tool options that we look at in this tutorial.

Dripping Blood Text Tutorial for GIMP
This tutorial to make dripping blood text in GIMP is ideal for Halloween, but this technique also can be adapted to produce dripping paint text, if you want the effect of simple graffiti. There are a few steps needed to achieve this effect, but it is a simple one and suitable for complete newcomers to the free pixel-based image editor GIMP.

Add Fake Rain to a Photo in GIMP
This tutorial shows you a simple technique for adding a fake rain effect to your photos using the free pixel-based image editor GIMP. Even relative newcomers will find that they are able to produce exciting results following these steps.

Rubber Stamp Effect with GIMP - Distressed Grunge Textures
This tutorial shows how to use GIMP to produce a rubber stamp effect text graphic. This tutorial produces the effect of a rubber stamp on paper, but the technique can be used in many ways to produce distressed grunge effects, both for print and web.

How to Produce an Animated GIF with GIMP
GIMP offers users with basic experience the tools to produce simple animated GIF files. Learn how to produce an animated GIF in GIMP with this tutorial.

GIMP Color Picker Tool
The GIMP Color Picker Tool has several tool options that are easily overlooked but can make the tool function in different ways.

How To Use the Foreground Select Tool
This article shows you how to use the Foreground Select Tool in the free image editor GIMP. The Foreground Select Tool attempts to make complex selections in an automatic way.

GIMP Foreground Select Tool
GIMP's Foreground Select Tool can be a very effective way to make complex and difficult selections.

GIMP Fuzzy Select Tool
The Fuzzy Select Tool in GIMP is a quick and easy way to select areas of an image that would be far too complex to achieve with many of the other GIMP selection tools.

GIMP Scissors Select Tool - A Look at the Scissors Select Tool in GIMP
The GIMP Scissors Select Tool can be a quick way to select objects with strong edge contrast.

How to Fake Some Adjustment Layer Effects in GIMP
A look at how to use GIMP's Blend Modes to fake some basic adjustment layer effects, and to bring non-destructive editing to GIMP users.

Using GIMP's Select By Color Tool
This step by step tutorial will show you how GIMP's Select By Color Tool can be used to make complex selections to change colors in a picture.

GIMP Select By Color Tool
This article quickly looks at the range of options available when using the Select By Color Tool in GIMP.

Saving Images as TIFFs in GIMP - How to Save a TIFF in GIMP
GIMP offers users the option of saving images as TIFFs, which are a great format for users who want to save their images at the maximum possible quality by choosing not to use compression.

Saving Images as PNGs in GIMP - How to Save a PNG in GIMP
Here we look at the relatively simple steps needed to save a PNG file in GIMP, the free pixel-based image editor.

Saving Images as JPEGs in GIMP - How to Save a JPEG in GIMP
Saving Images as JPEGs in GIMP - How to Save a JPEG in GIMP

Red Eye Removal in GIMP
Almost everyone who has ever taken a snap at a party or event in low light using their on-camera flash will be familiar with red eye. The phenomenon is caused by light from the flash being reflected from the blood vessels in the back of the eye and gives the pupils of those in the picture a bright red color that can look rather odd. This problem can be easily corrected by using free pixel-based …

GIMP Dynamic Keyboard Shortcuts
By default, many tools and commands in GIMP have keyboard shortcuts assigned to them. Those that don't have default settings can have shortcuts assigned using the GIMP Keyboard Shortcut Editor , as explained in our Keyboard Shortcut Editor article . This technique can also be used to change shortcuts to settings that suit you better. There is, however, another way for GIMP users to change and as…

GIMP Keyboard Shortcut Editor
Discover how GIMP offers an easy way to add and change keyboard shortcuts using the Keyboard Shortcut Editor.

GIMP Keyboard Shortcuts
GIMP keyboard shortcuts are a great time saving feature that can help GIMP users to speed up their work flow when working with this popular image editor.

How to Produce Glossy Text in GIMP
In this tutorial I'll show you how you can achieve the glossy text effect using the free and open source image editor, GIMP.

Non-Destructive Sepia Tone Effect with the GIMP
Here's a quick and easy way to give your photo a sepia tone effect with the free GIMP photo editor. Best of all, it's completely non-destructive, so if you change your mind, you can go back to the edited photo easily.

Create a Non-Destructive Vignette Effect with The GIMP
A vignette is a photograph whose edges fade out gradually. This tutorial shows you a non-destructive way to create this effect for your photos in the free GIMP photo editor using a layer mask. This is a good introduction to working with masks and layers in the GIMP.

How to Do a Partial Color Effect with The GIMP
One of the more popular photo effects you may have seen is where a photo is converted to black and white, except for one object in the photo which is made to stand out by keeping it in color. This tutorial shows you a non-destructive way to do it using a layer mask in the free photo editor The GIMP.

Correcting Perspective Distortion with The GIMP
Most of you probably have some photos of tall buildings in your collection where the sides appear to slant inward at the top, due to the perspective from which the photo was taken. We can correct this with the perspective tool in the GIMP.

Straighten a Crooked Photo with The GIMP
We probably all have pictures we took when the camera was not perfectly level, resulting in a skewed horizon line, or crooked object. I'm going to show you how easy it is to correct a crooked photo with the rotate tool in The GIMP.

Create 3D Anaglyphs in the GIMP
A 3D anaglyph image will appear three-dimensional when viewed through red/blue lenses. Here is technique for creating 3D anaglyphs in The GIMP.

Create a 3D Photo Effect with the GIMP
"Here's a different take on stepping out of the box that would make a nifty photo effect for scrapbooks, greeting cards, newsletters, and brochures. You'll take a digital photograph, give it a white border as if it were a printed photo, and make the subject appear to climb out of the printed photograph."

Anatomy of GIMP
GIMP's user interface is full of tools and features and this article briefly runs through the variety of feature types on offer

Anatomy of the GIMP Toolbox
This article runs down the main tools included in GIMP's Toolbox

GIMP Rectangle Select Tool
GIMP's Rectangle Select Tool can be a flexible and surprisingly versatile way to make selections.

GIMP Ellipse Select Tool
The Tool Options dialog makes the Ellipse Select Tool a very flexible and versatile tool for making selections in the GIMP.

GIMP Free Select Tool
The Free Select Tool is a quick and easy way to make freehand selections in the GIMP.

GIMP Paths Tool
The Paths Tool in GIMP can be a very flexible way to make selections that can be saved and reused.

How to Use the GIMP Paths Tool - A Introduction to Using the Paths Tool in GIMP
How to Use the GIMP Paths Tool - A Introduction to Using the Paths Tool in GIMP

Exporting Files in GIMP
GIMP supports a wide range of file types meaning users should have no difficulty saving their work into a format suitable for the end purpose.

Saving Images as GIFs in GIMP - How to Save a GIF in GIMP
Saving Images as GIFs in GIMP - How to Save a GIF in GIMP

Basic Gimp Tutorial
"This tutorial is for your first friendly contact witht GIMP. If the GIMP user maual discourages you because of it's complexity, if other tutorials do not invite you and if you failed painting a simple stickman, you are right. We'll do one togehter. My intention is not to show you much, I want to help you to dicover GIMP by showing you how to start."

Beveled Text With Gimp
"Beveled text (or 'Inner Bevel' as it is often called by people who have been using a certain other image manipulation program) is a quick and easy way to create spiffy logos and titles for web-pages and things like that."

Bezier Selections
"Bezier selection is a powerful tool in The Gimp. The rectangle- and ellipse-selections are not very flexible if you happen to need something more special. And since many of us gimpers don't have a graphics tablet, it's not so easy to make the mouse pointer move the way you want. Bezier selection fixes the problem by using smooth mathematical curves instead your own shaky mouse trail."

Brave Attempt to Teach Layers in 3 Hours
Introduction to The GIMP in English and French. Create a night-time landscape scene while learning the concept of layers in GIMP. Link to French translation is at the top of the page.

Converting A Color Image to Black & White in Gimp
"Just like in Photoshop, there are numerous ways to convert an image to B/W in Gimp. I%u2019m going to cover a few of the more well known ways here. I%u2019m sure there are more, but these are the methods I regularly use."

Creating and Editing Animations with GIMP
"Simple techniques to create and edit animations using the Gimp."

Creating Fire Effects with The GIMP
"Some very expensive commercial products, such as Painter5, let you 'paint' with fire; others, such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro let you, using the tools at your disposal, create the illusion of an object on fire... In this article we show a procedure in five steps and eleven images, easily adapted to Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro, on how to creat fire effects with The GIMP."

Drawing a Paintbrush Image
This 25-page tutorial on drawing a paintbrush is suitable for more advanced GIMP users.

Drawing Shapes with Bezier
"Bezier selection can be used in many creative ways. Maybe the best thing in it is the smooth, beautiful curves it produces. But you can also use Bezier to create different polygonal shapes if you don't 'pull out the handles'."

Grokking the GIMP - Learning Advanced Image Editing Techniques
"The first part of this book focuses on mastering core tools: layers, selections, masks, and colorspaces. The second part builds on the first by presenting an in-depth treatment of touchup, enhancement, compositing, rendering, and image creation for the web." The entire text of the book is online, or you can purchase a printed copy.

Make Your Own Brushes
"In this article I will present the various brushes that GIMP offers and show how to create brushes. First we will look in detail at the brushes dialog, 'Brush selection', and the different brushes it contains. After that I will show you how to create your own brushes."

Photo Magic with Gimp
"In this article we show you with several examples what you can do to enhance your photos with The Gimp (the latest stable version when I wrote this was Gimp 1.2.5)."

Playing around with Dingbats and The Gimp
"In this article I give some examples how you can easily create nice pictures using dingbats and The Gimp. The version of Gimp that was used for this article is Gimp-1.2.2."

Pseudo 3D with Gimp
"Gimp is a software exclusively 2D, but with a few tricks and thanks to the numerous tools that are available, it is possible to create an image in pseudo 3D."

QuickMask: Introduction
"This tutorial shows how you can do vignette effects using a new feature of GIMP called QuickMask. QuickMask is a convenient way to modify selections using pixel-changing tools such as the paintbrush, eraser, or any plug-in filter. It lets you make very precise adjustments to your selections."

Selection and Color Correction
"A selection is used to isolate a specific part of the image in order to change it, independent of the rest of the image. You can copy, move, replace or filter a selection, and you can also change its colors/contrast/brightness or even apply an effect to it. The list of possibilities is endless."

The GIMP for Windows Annoyances and Tips
Tips for user of the Windows port of GIMP, especially useful for those just starting to work with GIMP for Windows.

GIMP Layers Palette
The Layers palette in GIMP is a very powerful feature of the free image editor. It offers great power and flexibility allowing users to produce creative results by combining layers within an image in different ways.

Using Layers and Their Masks
"Gimp can easily compete with the big names in picture editing. It has a tool, mask layers (similar to the fusion mask in Photoshop) which allows you to work on layers with great ease. With this method it is quite easy to go back and correct a corner without touching the layer itself since we're working on a mask which we can delete if the changes don't please us or apply if they are satisfying."

Writing Text with Gimp
Creating text banners with The GIMP using layers.

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