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GIF Animation Software for Windows and Macintosh

Software specifically for creating and optimizing GIF animations for the Web. Primarily freeware and shareware products available for download, many of these tools provide features for special effects, transitions, and advanced compression.

GIF Animation Software Overview
Find out what you need to get started creating GIF animations for your web pages.

GIF Construction Set Pro (Win)
Featured Download - Create, assemble, and compress original animations with tools such as the Animation Wizard and Supercompressor. $20 US.

3D GIF Designer (Win)
Featured Download - Create animated GIFs with 3D effects. Uses sprites technology to control placement, size, motion, and appearance of pictures and text.

The Complete Animator (Win)
Featured Download - People of all ages can create cartoons, animated GIFs, moving diagrams, and more. $29 US.

Active GIF Creator (Win)
A simple GIF animator with smart frame management. Allows you to create finite or infinite animation loops, set or change interchange frequency, and convert to bitmap format.

Advanced GIF Animator (Win)
Create pictures, banners, buttons, and movies with the built-in image editor or use any stand-alone graphics editor to create image files that will be assembled into a GIF animation. Features a built-in image editor, palette optimization, image size reduction, and multi-language support.

Aesop GIF Creator (Win)
Create animated advertising banners, buttons, and other graphics for a Web site. Features 3D elements (insets, shadows, etc.), motion effects, image manipulation, palette optimization, data compression, and a step-by-step interface.

Coffee Cup GIF Animator (Win)
This GIF Animator supports image browsing by folder, drag & drop, thumbnails, simultaneous frame and animation views, and more.

Easy GIF Animator (Win)
Create and edit GIF animations, add visual effects, text effects, and more.

Flagimation (Win)
Create 3D flag animations from existing bitmap or JPEG images.

GIF Movie Gear (Win)
Get your animations in gear... a professional level animation tool for web designers.

GIFfun (Mac)
Freeware tool for creating GIF animations by drag & drop.

Gif·gIf·giF (Win/Mac)
Produce GIF animations from screen captures.

MotionGIF (Win)
Features a vector-based drawing system and productivity tools such as rotation, scaling, grouping, alignment, zooming and multi-level undo/redo. Includes 21 built-in visual effects and templates for getting started quickly.

Pro-Motion (Win)
Drawing and animation tools for graphics with up to 256 colors.

Zoner GIF Animator (Win)
Create GIF animations and banner ads with this inexpensive GIF animation tool.

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