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Free graphics software add-ons, programs, and other utilities you can download.
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Lightzone Review (Win/Mac/Linux)
Formerly commercial software, Lightzone is now a free open source photo processing digital darkroom program for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Darktable Review - Photo Software for Mac & Linux
Darktable is a free and open-source RAW converter and digital darkroom photo processing software for Mac and Linux.

Create a Font with Fontastic.me
This short article explains how to create a custom font from SVG files that have been created in a vector line drawing application, using the free web service Fontastic.me.

Review of Ultimate Paint Photo Editor
Learn about Ultimate Paint, a free to download raster image editor that you can use to adjust your photos and add creative effects.

VCW Vicman's Photo Editor Review
VCW Vicman's Photo Editor is a simple raster image editing application for Windows that you can download for free.

LazPaint Review
LazPaint is a free image editor aiming to compete with GIMP and Paint.NET. See how it stacks up against these other free image editors.

XnSketch for Windows and Mac
XnSketch is a free Windows and Mac app for applying sketch effects to your photos to make them look like drawings.

XnRetro for Windows and Mac
A review of XnRetro, a free vintage effects software app for Windows and Mac desktop computers.

Colorate for Mac
Colorate is a free color scheme generator with some useful features for Mac OS X.

Corel Quicksort Free Picture Sorter
Corel Quicksort is a well-presented and effective free tool for viewing, sorting and sharing pictures, for both Windows and OS X users.

Overview of Xero Freeware Plugins
Read an overview of Xero Freeware Plugins. This is a set of 42 effects filters for Photoshop and other plugin-compatible image editors.

Introduction to DrawBerry
DrawBerry is a free basic vector-based drawing app for OS X that may be a good option for beginners.

Introduction to Cenon
Cenon is a free vector-based drawing application for Mac OS X. Cenon is a flexible drawing app with a number of interesting features. This overview of Cenon may help you determine if it is suitable for you.

5 Color Photo Effects with Flaming Pear Freebies
Explore five ways to use Flaming Pear Freebies Photoshop plugins to create different color photo effects.

5 Mono Photo Effects with Flaming Pear Freebies
Flaming Pear offer a pack of free Photoshop plugins and here I share five of my favorite mono photo effects using those plugins. Some of these mono photo effects specifically produce monotone results, while others convert color filters to mono to produce a different effect to the original result.

Colour Surprise - Free Color Effects Software for Windows
Colour Surprise is a simple, free stand-alone application for Windows that can help you to apply unusual and unexpected color effects to your photos.

The Works Free Photoshop Plugin for Creative Effects
The Works is free special effects plugin collection offered by Cybia software. These eight filters were born in the '90s and can be ideal for adding a retro feel to your photos, though they can also be used to produce some very contemporary results.

Fotomatic Free Photoshop Plugin
Fotomatic is a free set of eight filters to produce photography effects similar to those that old film cameras produced.

VanDerLee NightVision
The free VanDerLee NightVision Photoshop-compatible plugin can add night vision effects to your photos, plus replicate security camera images and add TV scan lines.

Create Camo Patterns with a Free Photoshop Plugin, VandDerLee Camouflage
Learn how to create a camo pattern with a free Photoshop plugin from VanDerLee.

What is Auto FX Mosaic
Auto FX Mosaic is a free stand-alone program and Photoshop-compatible plugin which offers fine grained control over mosaic image effects.

Auto FX Dreamy Photo
Dreamy Photo is a focused little application designed to make it easy to produce dreamy and romantic soft focus effects. Dreamy Photo can be used stand-alone or as a plug-in for Photoshop.

Hugin Panorama Photo Stitcher
Hugin is a powerful free panorama photo stitcher that is suitable for beginners and more advanced users.

Color Scheme Designer Free Online Color Tool
Color Scheme Designer is a free online application for quickly and easily producing harmonious color schemes.

Paintbrush the Free Bitmap Image Editor for Mac
Paintbrush is a basic image editor that may be viewed as a Mac OS X equivalent of Microsoft Paint or MacPaint. Paintbrush is designed to allow users to very quickly produce simple images.

Image Tricks Free Graphics Editor for Mac
Image Tricks is a fun and versatile free image editor designed to produce creative results on Mac OS X.

LiveQuartz Free Pixel-Based Editor for Mac
LiveQuartz is a capable image editor particularly well suited for OS X users looking for a tool for working with their digital photos. The basic drawing tools also offer some flexibility to create more artistic results.

Pinta for Mac Free Photo Editor
Pinta is a clone of Paint.NET for Mac OS X. The free image editor Pinta offers the basic drawing tools that you'd expect from an image editor, as well as more advanced features, such as layers and image adjustment tools. Pinta is a viable tool for users looking to edit and improve digital photos.

Greenshot Screen Capture Software
Greenshot is a well-featured free screen capture application for Windows.

Vision Board Builder Free Collage Software
Vision Board Builder is a free application designed to build montages of photos quickly and easily.

What is uMark Lite?
Uconomix uMark Lite is a free watermarking application that can be used for personal and commercial use.

What is VSO Seam Carving?
VSO Seam Carving is a free windows application designed to allow anyone to apply the principle of seam carving to their photos. Seam carving is a technique primarily designed for resizing photos without affecting the proportions of important aspects of the photo.

What is FotoSketcher?
FotoSketcher is the perfect tool for users who enjoy getting more creative with their photos with a range of painting and drawing effects.

Seashore Review - Review of Free Image Editor Seashore for Mac
Seashore is a free pixel-based image editor suitable for basic image enhancement and more advanced creative work on Mac OS X.

What is Drawing For Children?
Drawing For Children is a free drawing application designed specifically for kids.

What is Zoner Photo Studio Free?
Zoner Photo Studio Free is a well specified all round photo management and adjustment tool that would be well suited for enthusiastic photographers who don't require a more powerful image editor.

What is Raw Therapee?
Raw Therapee is a free RAW converter which offers a strong feature set for processing RAW digital camera photos.

What is Hornil StylePix?
Hornil StylePix is a free image editor with a modern and clear user interface with a strong range of tools and features for beginner to intermediate users.

Overview of Livebrush Lite
Livebrush is an exciting and fun free drawing application that reacts to the way that you move the cursor. It can produce some wonderful effects...

Overview of Seashore
Seashore is a free pixel-based image editor for Mac users seeking an alternative to GIMP.

PhotoFiltre Review - Free Image Editor PhotoFiltre
PhotoFiltre is a free pixel-based image editor suitable for basic image enhancement work on Windows machines.

Overview of PhotoFiltre
PhotoFiltre is a free pixel-based image editor that offers useful tools for image adjustments.

Review of Pixia - A Look at the Free Pixel-Based Image Editor Pixia
Pixia is a free pixel-based image editor suitable for basic image enhancement and more advanced creative work on Windows machines.

Overview of Pixia
Pixia is a free pixel-based image editor originally conceived for anime and manga artists, but with a feature set that makes it a viable tool photographers seeking an image editing application.

Photo Pos Pro Review
Photo Pos Pro is a powerful free pixel-based image editor with a lot to offer. Learn more about it in this detailed review.

Serif Drawplus SE Review
This is a review of Serif DrawPlus SE, the free vector-based graphics editor.

Overview of Serif DrawPlus SE
DrawPlus SE is a free pixel-based image editor that offers an alternative to Adobe Illustrator for home users on a budget.

Overview of Photo Pos Pro
Photo Pos Pro is a free pixel-based image editor that offers an alternative to Adobe Photoshop for users on a budget.

Inkscape Review
Inkscape is a free vector-based image editor suitable for a wide of graphic design purposes.

Overview of Serif PhotoPlus SE
PhotoPlus SE is a free pixel-based image editor that offers an alternative to Adobe Photoshop for users on a budget.

Paint.NET Review
Paint.NET is a free pixel-based image editor suitable for basic image enhancement and more advanced creative work on Windows machines.

Review of Serif PhotoPlus SE for Windows
PhotoPlus SE is the free version of the established image editor from Serif. PhotoPlus SE is suitable for basic image enhancement and more advanced creative work.

Inkscape Free Vector-Based Graphics Editor
"Inkscape is the open source community's alternative to Adobe Illustrator, the accepted industry standard tool for the production of vector-based graphics. Inkscape is a generally credible alternative for anyone whose budget can't stretch to Illustrator, although with a couple of significant limitations."

Top Picks: Free Photo Editors for Windows
Even if you can't afford to spend anything on software, you can still find free software to help you create and edit your photos and images. These are my top picks for free image editing programs.

Top Picks: Free Photo Editors for Macintosh
If you can't afford to purchase software, you can still find free software to create and edit images. These are my picks for the top free image editors and painting programs for Macintosh.

The GIMP - GIMP Review and Rating
GIMP is a bitmap/pixel based image manipulation program for photo editing and retouching, and creating images and animations.

Free Photo Editing Software for Windows - Reader Picks
Reader suggest their favorite free photo editors for Windows.

Free Photo Editing Software for Mac - Reader Picks
Reader suggest their favorite free photo editors for Macintosh.

Wink Tutorial and Presentation Creator - Software Review and Rating
Wink is a free tool for creating animated tutorials and software demonstrations. Wink lets you capture screen shots of your software, add instructional text callouts and navigational buttons, and export your tutorials to Flash, HTML, PDF, or stand-alone executable files.

PhotoScape for Windows Free Photo Editor Review
PhotoScape is free photo editing software for Windows which is jam-packed with features, while remaining very easy to use.

ArtRage 2 Free Edition (Win/Mac)
ArtRage is a fun, easy to use program that's great for experimenting with digital art, especially if you also own a pressure sensitive graphics tablet. The free version is a great way to see what digital painting and drawing is like, but for the small upgrade price, you'll no doubt want to move up to the full version.

Artweaver (Win)
Artweaver features a number of natural media brushes and tools such as chalk, pencils, charcoal, oil paint, felt markers, crayons, airbrushes, acrylic, sponges, pastels, and cloners. Each brush has a number of attributes that can be adjusted for even more variety. In addition, Artweaver offers a solid set of general image manipulation and enhancement tools.

Corel Snapfire - Free Digital Photo Software for Windows
Corel Snapfire is free digital photo software to help you organize, enhance, and share your pictures and video clips. Although it is well-designed and easy to use, the lack of features will probably disappoint all but the most nascent beginners. However, if you like to print photo projects and layouts from home or want a super simple way to share photo slide shows, Snapfire is worth a try.

Cropper - Free Screen Capture Tool for Windows
Cropper is a pretty nifty free screen capture tool I came across recently. When you run it from a keyboard shortcut or the tray icon, it puts a floating transparent box on your screen which you can move freely and resize by dragging the corner. Move the frame around the screen and simply double click to capture the area under the box.

Desktop Graffitist (Win)
"Desktop Graffitist is a small program that enables you to spray paint your desktop, and anything else that might appear on screen. DG is designed for recreation and creativity, and can be used to relieve office stress."

Easy Thumbnails from Fookes Software (Windows)
Easy Thumbnails is a handy free tool to have around for more than just generating thumbnails. It can also enlarge images, adjust color, rename files, and quickly show a folder of images as a Web page.

FastStone - Free Image Viewer for Windows
FastStone Image Viewer is a free image browser for Windows. See a screen shot and read a mini review of FastStone Image Viewer.

FinePrint (Win)
FinePrint is a useful tool for when you need to convert documents to image files and your software doesn't offer a Save As or Export option. With FinePrint, you can convert anything you can print into a TIFF, BMP, or JPEG file. FinePrint is not free, but the trial is unlimited except that it puts a small tagline baner on the bottom margin of each page it outputs.

Gallery Wizard from The B-Zone (Windows)
Whether you want a quick and easy solution or full control over appearance, Gallery Wizard is a great free tool to generate Web photo galleries complete with thumbnails, hyperlinks, and image pages.

Google SketchUp 6 for Windows and Mac
Google SketchUp is free 3D modeling software for Windows and Macintosh.

ImageForge from CursorArts Co - Featured Download
ImageForge from CursorArts Co, a featured graphics software download.

IrfanView 32 (Win)
IrfanView 32 is a small and speedy free image viewer and thumbnail browser for Windows.

JAlbum - The Free Web Photo Album Generator (Java)
JAlbum is a free Web photo album and slide show generator that is easy to use, yet incredibly versatile. New users can generate an album in three easy steps, and power users will appreciate the scripting capabilities, image filters, and integrated FTP. It's also multi-platform compatible and localized for several languages.

JPEGCrops - Batch Cropping of JPEGs Without Loss (Win)
JPEGCrops is free software to help you quickly rotate and crop multiple photos to standard photo sizes without loss of quality.

MemoriesOnWeb (Windows)
MemoriesOnWeb photo slide show software for Windows offers a super easy way to post a video slide show of photos on the Web. Just select the photos you want to use from the built-in browser, adjust a few settings, and click Publish.

Paint.NET (Win)
Paint.NET is a free photo editor for Windows which features layers, blending modes, special effects, unlimited undo history, and a number of image adjustments and filter effects. Besides the standard pixel-based painting and selection tools, Paint.NET also includes easy to use tools for drawing shapes and lines, a text tool, a clone stamp, and a recolor tool.

Panorama Tools from Helmut Dersch - Featured Download
Panorama Tools from Helmut Dersch, a featured graphics software download.

PhotoPage from John A. Vink - Featured Download
PhotoPage from John A. Vink, a featured graphics software download.

PicaJet Free Edition Digital Photo Software
PicaJet Free Edition 2.5 is a powerful organizer for your digital photos. Its printing and sharing options are quite limited, but for organizing, browsing, and light editing of your digital photos it is very impressive.

Picasa Digital Photo Software
Picasa is free photo management software that scans your computer for picture files and automatically organizes them into albums, then allows you to edit and share them.

PicSizer from AxiomX (Windows)
PicSizer offers a beautiful interface with straightforward controls for generating 'screen-friendly' reduced-size photos for email and Web use. You can also rotate and rename the processed files.

PIXresizer from Bluefive Software (Windows)
PIXresizer is a free, easy-to-use tool to quickly reduce the size of one or many photos for use on the Web or for emailing.

Renamer from Albert Bertilsson - Featured Download
Renamer from Albert Bertilsson, a featured graphics software download.

ROMCat - CorelDRAW Clipart Catalog and Browser - Featured Download
RomCAT, a featured graphics software download.

Vallen JPegger Image and MP3 Explorer (Windows)
Vallen JPegger is a simple image browser and viewer which also lets you browse and play MP3 files.

virtualPhotographer - Free Plug-in from optikVerve Labs
virtualPhotographer is a fun and easy plug-in that helps you add drama and artistic effects to your photos. The free software lets you experiment with a wide variety of color and black & white photographic effects by manipulating color, film speed, film type, and effects.

Web Album Generator (Windows)
Web Album Generator is a simple Web photo gallery generator that has the added bonus of being strictly standards compliant, so you can be sure your albums will be accessible from any Web browser.

Windows Live Photo Gallery
Windows Live Photo Gallery is a free picture and video clip organizer for Windows XP and Vista.

Wink Tutorial and Presentation Creator (Win)
Wink is a free tool for creating animated tutorials and software demonstrations.

Xee for Mac Image Viewer
Xee is a very simple and fast, free image viewer for Mac OS X.

XnView Image Viewer & Converter
XnView is a fast and free image viewer and converter with support for a staggering number of file formats (over 400), operating systems, and languages. Features for resizing, adjusting, adding effects, slide show display, batch conversion, screen capture, printing, drag & drop, and more. Free for non-commercial use.

Web-based Image Tools

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