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Fall Leaves Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Digital Scrapbooking Kit by Bonnie Covel


Download a free fall leaves theme of coordinated elements for digital scrapbooking. The Fall Leaves digital scrapbooking kit includes 4 papers, 2 overlays, 1 quick page, 2 tags, 1 word art, 1 frame, and other decorative elements. The elements are provided in JPEG and PNG format and can be used in any graphics software that supports these file types. Click the "View Full-Size" link on each page to see a large version and save it to your computer. [Terms of Use]

Please Note:

  • Most of the PNG files in this set feature transparency. PNG transparency may not display properly in the Internet Explorer browser, but when you save the full-size image and open it in a photo-editor, it will have transparency.

  • Some images were converted to indexed color mode to reduce file size. They will appear with a lock in the layers palette when opened in Photoshop. Before using these images in your layouts, you will need to convert them to RGB color mode. In Photoshop, go to Image > Mode > RGB color.
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Fall Leaves Kit PreviewFall Leaves Kit PreviewLayout Using Fall KitLayout Using Fall Leaves Digital Scrapbooking KitFall Leaves Quick PageFall Leaves Quick PageChecked Paper BackgroundChecked Paper Background
Orange Weave PaperOrange Weave PaperFalling Leaves PaperFall Leaves PaperLeaves PaperFall Leaves PaperLeaves OverlayFall Leaves Overlay
Scarecrow OverlayScarecrow OverlayScarecrow ElementScarecrow ElementFall Leaves Word ArtFall Leaves Word ArtFall Leaves Leaf ElementFall Leaves Leaf Element
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