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Use Your Personal Facebook Email to Post Pictures from any Photo Software


Post Pictures to Facebook from any Photo Software
How to find your personal Facebook photo upload address.

How to find your personal Facebook photo upload address.

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Are you a Facebook user who uses a photo organizer that does not support Facebook upload directly? Facebook allows you to upload photos by email using a email address created just for you by the Facebook service. This provides a simple workaround you can use to post pictures to Facebook from your usual email program, or any photo management software that has an option to send pictures by email--which is just about all of them these days!

Follow these steps to find your personal Facebook photo upload address:

Navigate to your own profile page on Facebook by clicking your name in the blue bar at the top of the page. This should take you to your "Wall," the first of the tabs across the top of your profile page, just below your status.

Below the tab bar is the box where you can update your status. Below the box where you type, you will see "Attach:" and a list of several icons including photos (1). Click Photos. If you don't see photos here, click the arrow to open the "more" menu and you should find it there.

Now you will see three options: Upload a Photo, Take a Photo, and Create an Album. Click the first option--Upload a Photo (2).

Now you will see a box to browse for a file on your computer, but just below it, there is a link titled "upload via email" (3). Click this to learn your personalized upload email address. There is also a link to have it emailed to you. Be sure to read the information from Facebook about using your upload email address.

Now you can save this address to your contact list and to your favorite photo organizing software for easily posting photos to Facebook. When you email pictures from this address, the subject line will become the caption for each photo when it is posted on Facebook, and pictures will go into a "Mobile Uploads" album. Once the photos are on Facebook, you can move them to a new album, customize captions, tag people, and so on.

Your Facebook upload address can be used to post videos, too.


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