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Printing Multiples in CorelDRAW


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Printing on Label Sheets or Scored Business Card Paper
CorelDRAW Label Options
Go to Layout > Page Setup.

Click on "Label" in the options tree.

Change the label options from Normal Paper to Labels. When you do this, a long list of label types will become available in the options dialog. There are hundreds of label types for every manufacturer, such as Avery and others. Most people in the US will want to go to AVERY Lsr/Ink. Many other brands of paper sheets will include the matching Avery numbers on their products.

Expand the tree until you find the specific label product number that matches the paper you are using. When you click on a label in the tree, a thumbnail of the layout will appear next to it. Avery 5911 is probably what you are looking for if your design is a business card.

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