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Batch Resizing & Cropping: Tools & Tips

Tips and tools to help you crop and resize multiple images. This list includes Windows and Macintosh software to help you quickly batch process many photos for posting on the Web, sending pictures by email, or cropping many graphics to common sizes. Although these features are usually built in to most photo editing software, these free and inexpensive tools can speed up and simplify the process of cropping and resizing, especially when your preferred photo editor does not offer batch processing functions.

How to Resize a Batch of Images with XnView
Many times you may need to resize multiple image files to a common size, either for uploading to a web site, sending to another device with a small screen, or for some other purpose. This is a quick task using the batch processing tools in the free XnView image viewer, but the way this function works may not be obvious.

Resize Multiple Files with Photoshop Elements
You can resize a whole folder of pictures or multiple pictures at once using Photoshop Elements Editor or Organizer. This tutorial will walk you through both methods.

Resize Multiple Picture Files with Picasa
If you're looking for a command to resize multiple pictures in Picasa, you're not going to find one. But that doesn't mean it can't be done. When you want to resize a batch of images, you can do so by exporting them. This illustrated tutorial shows you how.

Email Optimized Pictures From Windows XP
When sending pictures by email, it's important to reduce the size of your pictures so they transfer faster and are more viewable on the recipient's screen. Windows XP has an automated function that will resize, optimize, and email a group of pictures without altering your originals.

How To Email Optimized Pictures From Windows Vista
Windows Vista has an automated function that will resize, optimize, and email a group of pictures without altering your originals.

Easy Thumbnails from Fookes Software (Windows)
Easy Thumbnails is a handy free tool to have around for more than just generating thumbnails. It can also enlarge images, adjust color, rename files, and quickly show a folder of images as a Web page.

Easy Thumbnails Tutorial - Prepare Photos for the Web
Fookes Easy Thumbnails is free Windows software that makes it easy for you to prepare a batch of photos for posting on the Web by resizing, compressing, and rotating them. Here are step-by-step instructions to help you prepare a whole folder of images for the Web in a very efficient way.

JPEGCrops (Win)
JPEGCrops is a handy free tool to help you quickly and losslessly crop a batch of digital photos to standard print sizes.

PicSizer from AxiomX (Windows)
PicSizer offers a beautiful interface with straightforward controls for generating 'screen-friendly' reduced-size photos for email and Web use. You can also rotate and rename the processed files.

PIXresizer from Bluefive Software (Windows)
PIXresizer is a free, easy-to-use tool to quickly reduce the size of one or many photos for use on the Web or for emailing.

Batch Rotate, Crop & Resize
Get your photos ready to put on the web with tips and step-by-step instructions for Photoshop, Photo-Paint, Paint Shop Pro, and PhotoImpact. Learn how to rotate, crop, resize, and batch process images in these popular image editing programs.

Batch TIFF Resizer (Win)
"Batch TIFF Resizer is a specialized batch image resizer which handles single and multi-pages TIFF image formats."

Bosco's Foto Trimmer (Mac)
"Quickly scale, stretch, squish, rotate, flip, and trim your digital photos."

Click 2 Crop (Win)
A photo editor for performing simple tasks like resizing, rotating, cropping or adding a border to your pictures.

Digital Photo Resizer (Win)
Batch resize JPEG, GIF or BMP images.

Downsize (Mac)
"Downsize is a utility that allows you to prepare images for the web by resizing, and adding watermarks, frames, and drop shadows. Batch resize an entire folder of images in bulk to save time."

Drag-N-Scale (Mac)
"Drag-N-Scale is a simple application that makes scaling images easy. It can also email scaled images with the click of a button. Drag-N-Scale is freeware."

DroPic! (Mac)
"Shrink your multi-megapixel images for fast & easy web or email presentation." Freeware.

EasyCrop for MacOS X
A quick way to crop, rotate, resize, and convert images. Also offers screen capture function.

EasyImage Lite (Win)
"EasyImage Lite is an easy to use program that optimizes photos and images to make them more suitable for use on the web. It provides a simple user interface that allows you to scale down the size of images, making them faster to upload, download, and e-mail."

FastCrop (Win)
Batch crop a series of photos to an exact size. Features auto resize, auto crop, manual crop, and rotate.

iRedSoft Image Resizer (Win)
"iRedSoft Image Resizer is a Windows based GUI Batch Image Resizer. It makes it easy to batch resize numerous images in one pass."

JPEGcrop (Win)
Free software for lossless cropping and rotation of JPEG files.

Media Resizer (Win)
Batch crop and resize your images and video files. It can also add watermarks and decorative styles to the thumbnails.

Multiple Image Resizer .NET (Win)
"Resize images, add borders and text, rotate and flip - with a few simple mouse clicks." Freeware.

Resize2Mail Online Image Resizer
"Resize 2 mail is an online resize website utility developed for digital camera owners, webmasters, people travelling or anybody who quickly wants to resize a digital image for email or publishing on a web site."

Oscar's JPEG Thumb-Maker (Win)
"A surprisingly powerful thumbnail creator. Specify the source directory, destination, set size and rules and hit Start!" Freeware.

Passport Photo Software (Win)
"Passport Photo is a Windows program, used to create perfectly sized passport and identity photos. Users can select US, Canadian or standard (4.5x3.5) photos, or specify dimensions in Inches or Centimeters. Photos can be printed at home, or saved as JPEG for printing in a shop."

Photo Gadget (Win)
"Photo Gadget is a free tool designed to eliminate the use of complicated and expensive software in such a simple task as resizing pictures. Its purpose is to make the process of resizing many pictures at once incredibly easy."

Photo Resizer and Photo Resizer Pro (Win)
Resize images quickly without opening a photo editor. Images can be resized and emailed directly from the software.

PhotoCropper (Win/Mac)
"Convert your photos to the size you specify, and save them as web-enabled JPEGs."

PhotoRazor Photo Resizing Software (Win)
"PhotoRazor makes high quality copies of your photos at a smaller size - ideal for on-screen viewing. This reduces the file size making them much easier to email and share with friends and family. PhotoRazor also saves the smaller resized copies to a separate folder, ensuring your precious original photographs are kept safe and untouched."

Picture Resizer (Win)
(Free) "Picture Resizer is an easy-to-use tool for batch resizing of JPG pictures and photos. Drag and drop JPG files or folders with JPG files on the application icon and they will be resized and saved next to the originals. Size of the output pictures is controlled by the name of the application. To generate 200 pixel images, simply rename the application to PhotoResize200.exe."

Resize! (Mac)
"Resize! is a simple program designed to resize a folder of pictures in one step." Freeware.

Shrink Pic (Win)
"Shrink Pic resizes photo on-the-fly for email, Instant Messenger and web uploads. It runs in the background and detects when large photos are sent. Then, it automatically creates a resized copy and sends it instead."

SnipClik (Win)
"Just clik to resize, rotate or stamp your digital photos! SnipClik is a right-click add-in that integrates directly into Windows Explorer."

Thumbs Up (Mac)
"ThumbsUp is a simple, drag-and-drop based utility to create thumbnails for a bunch of pictures and supports all image formats of Mac OS X and Quicktime (including PDF documents)." Freeware for Mac OS X.

VSO Image Resize (Win)
"The VSO free image resize software organizes your photos by shrinking their resolution or moving them within your hard drive."

Web Photo Posting (Win)
Web Photo Posting, A tool help you get perfect JPEG photos for web using, with quality, file-size and image-size in control.

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