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Learn About Computer Graphics

General graphics tutorials, glossaries, basic information, and explanations of graphics terminology including vector and bitmap, anti-aliasing, and other fundamental concepts. A good starting point.
  1. Graphics Glossary
  2. 3D Graphics / 3D Modeling (36)
  3. Graphics File Formats (115)
  4. Find the Right Software (1811)
  5. Hardware & Peripherals (83)
  6. Graphics Software Galleries
  7. Graphics Lessons for Kids (3)
  8. Contests, Quizzes, Games (14)
  9. Facial Composites/Forensics (10)
  10. Graphics Blogs (17)

Generate a List of Files with XnView
A simple how to on generating a list of files using the free image viewer XnView.

Generate a List of Files With ACDSee Photo Manager
A simple how to on generating a list of files using the ACDSee photo manager.

Notes on The Wall Street Journal Hedcut from its Creator, Kevin Sprouls
Kevin Sprouls, the creator of the Wall Street Journal Hedcut Portrait style, shares tips and notes about the process of creating this unique portrait style.

Why Don't Printed Colors Match What I See on the Monitor?
You may have found that your printer doesn't always print color as you see it on the monitor. Learn the basics of this problem - Why it happens and what you can do about it.

Why Do Colors in Graphics Appear Splotchy or Distorted?
Suddenly the colors in my graphics are all out of whack and distorted. My photos and images look splotchy, blotchy and just plain wrong in my graphics software. What can I do to fix it?

Who Wants to be a Graphics Guru?
Answer 16 questions to test your general graphics skills.

How to Extract Images Embedded in Word Documents
If you've ever had problems extracting an image that was sent to you embedded in a Word document, follow these step to extract the image as its full resolution, so you don't lose quality.

Opening Images - How To View Pictures On Your Computer
What to do when your graphics won't open or your file associations stop functioning.

Converting Graphics and Image File Formats
Learn how to convert graphics between various formats, identify file formats, and find the software you need for converting images.

Removing Backgrounds and Maintaining Transparency
An overview of the various approaches you can take for removing a backgound from an image and maintaining transparency when moving images between programs.

Two Types of Graphics - Vector and Bitmap
Learn about the differences between the two major types of 2D graphics: scalable vector graphics and pixel-based bitmap images.

Font Management in Windows
How to get your fonts under control in Windows. Learn how to reduce font overload, manage your font collection, and troubleshoot font related problems.

Cross Platform Blues: Tips for Mac and PC File Conversions
Everything you need to know about moving files from Macintosh to PC and vice-versa. Learn how each operating system identifies files, get tips for exchanging files between platforms, and find out how to avoid problems when porting files across systems.

How to Spot and Avoid Software Piracy and Scams
If that amazing offer on cheap software sounds too good to be true, chances are, it is. Learn how to spot, report, and avoid Internet software piracy scams and illegal warez. Also explore ways you can get inexpensive or free software the legal way.

Know Your Rights and Restrictions: Read the EULA
Many people don't realize that when software is purchased, you do not "own" the software itself; you've actually purchased a license to use that software. The EULA document outlines the terms of the software license, spelling out all rights and restrictions relating to the ownership, use, distribution, and warranty of the software product.

Change File Associations in Windows
Installing new software in Windows will often overwrite the file associations for other software. Follow these steps to open files types in any program you choose.

How To Copy Images From a PDF File
A simple how to on copying graphics or text from a Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

Moving Files Between Applications
This overview shows you how to port your files between illustration programs and image editors.

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