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Real-DRAW Pro, Real Powerful
Vector and bitmap editing together with interactive effects
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In Real-DRAW, you can paste bitmaps into vector shapes, crop bitmaps with vector shapes, paint nondestructive transparency onto bitmaps or shapes (transparent areas can be painted back in or reset at any time), paint airbrush-style onto any bitmap or vector object, and apply textures, outline, bevels, transparency, and other effects to any type of object. You can also paint with image sprays and create all sorts of custom brushes.

This started as a vector object — a rounded rectangle. I applied a feather bevel effect to the rectangle and then pasted my bitmap into the rectangle for a soft feathered effect.

These marbles were created in Real-DRAW Pro using the 3D ball bevel style and one of the lens effect to make the sphere more pronounced. A texture was applied to the foreground color and then it was a simple matter to modify the color, export each marble to a transparent PNG, then import the files back in as a image spray brush.

The vector shapes you can create include text, rectangles, circles, stars, rounded rectangles, and arrows. In addition, you can draw freehand shapes and lines, combine shapes, and manipulate shapes on the node level. For those who need a little help with their computer drawing skills, you can import an image to use as a blueprint for tracing fully scalable vector objects. The blueprint can be placed either behind or above your objects as an onion skin overlay so your objects don't block out the blueprint. You can also use blueprints as a clone source when painting on an object.

This is a WMF file that was inserted as a bitmap. One of the bitmap effects was applied, then a texture, bevel, and drop shadown to give it it a totally different look.

This started out as a simple circle. It was node edited to form the heart shape, then a texture, soft bevel, and drop shadow were applied. 3D lights were placed on the object to give it a metallic shine.

If you've worked with drawing software before, I'm sure you are familiar with the concept of grouping. Objects placed into a group can be moved and manipulated as one. In addition to grouping, Real-Draw has a unique feature called Packages that goes beyond grouping and is extremely powerful. The Packages feature allows you to pile multiple effects onto a group of objects, without interfering with the effects that have already been applied to the individual objects within the package. In addition, packages can be cloned. This allows you to create one base package, clone it multiple times, and apply a different effect to each clone. If you decide to change some aspect of the base package, you can edit it separately and when you save the package, all the clones will be immediately updated with your edits.

Another innovative feature in Real-Draw is non-destructive sharpening. Packages and bitmaps both have an interactive sharpening control right on the bounding box. Sharpening can be applied nondestructively simply by clicking on the control handle and moving the slider (see screen shot at left).

Painting Tools and BrushesWhen you choose to paint on an object or bitmap, the object is opened in a separate window with a transparent background. A new property bar (right) is displayed where you choose from the painting tools and brushes. The painting tools include the brush, rubber stamp, clone from underlying layers, and erase/transparent. When applicable you will also see tools for painting opacity back in, and working with blueprints. Various aspects of brushes and image sprays can be modified, and you can add your own custom brushes and image sprays to the brush libraries. You can also paint with textures instead of color. Pressure sensitive tablets are fully supported.

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