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Ulead PhotoImpact 6
Page 4: The Stamp Tool

New: PhotoImpact 8 is now avilable.

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The Stamp Tool
Paint Shop Pro fans will be pleased to know that PhotoImpact 6 can now import Paint Shop Pro's Picture Tube format for use with the new Stamp tool.

The Stamp Gallery of the Easy Palette
The Stamp Gallery of the Easy Palette

The Brush Panelf for adjusting attributes of the Stamp ToolThe Stamp tool is much improved from the Object clone tool of PhotoImpact 5. It offers options for scaling, spacing, transparency and more. Objects can be painted onto the image in a continuous steam, or as single stamped objects.

More presets from the Stamp Gallery
Here's a few more presets from the Stamp Gallery

Of course, there's lots of stamp objects included with the software, and with the ability to convert Paint Shop Pro Picture Tubes, there's no end to what you can find on the Web.

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~ Sue Chastain
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