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Glowing Text
Software Used: Photoshop.

Glowing text is a simple technique that can be accomplished in any image editor that uses layers and has a Gaussian Blur filter. It works best on a black background with a bright color for the glow. The font used in my example is Revel Light.

1.) First open a new document and fill the background to black.

2.) On a new layer create your text using the same color as the background.

3.) Duplicate the text on another layer and change the text color to the color you want for the glow. I used red. Drop this layer just above the background.

4.) Apply a Gaussian Blur of about 5 pixels. To make the glow effect stronger, duplicate the blurred layer.

Here's some variations using the glow effect:

You can also use the glow effect with dingbat fonts and clipart for additional effects.

And here is an example using the glow effect for a mouse rollover. Drag your cursor over the image below to see the rollover effect.

And an animated GIF.

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Sue Chastain
Your Guide to Graphics Software

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