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PhotoELF from Landofcom
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From the publisher: PhotoELF is a Digital Camera Companion boasting 3 great abilities:

1) Photo Printing Utility - Prints up to 16 different photos on a page. Adjust size and position. Makes duplicates on the same page. Wallet size to 8 x 10.

2) Digital Photo Manager & Photo Browser - Moving and organizing digital photos is a snap. Renames hundreds of image files in seconds. Move or copy photos from one folder to another with 1 click while you browse photos. Slide Show Feature.

3) Creates Web Site Photo Albums with Java Rollover button navigation and Zoom-In feature. Choose from 45 Graphic themes. Free Graphic theme upgrades as we create more.

A 21-day trial version download is available. PhotoELF 2.1 is only $19.95 US and has a lot of features in it that are found only in $100+ software packages.

New version 2.1 highlights include:

  • Printing up to 16 different Images per 8.5 x 11" sheet of photo paper.
  • Image Editing Suite - Crop, Rotate, Remove Red-Eye, Transparent Paint Palette, Contrast etc.
  • View all major image formats -BMP, CLP, CUR, EMF, FPX, ICO, IFF, JPG, PCT, PCX, PNG, PSD, RAS, SGI, TGA, TIF, WMF
  • Save / Convert to these formats in 1-bit, 2-bit... 24-bit, 32-bit image formats for a total 60 different formats
  • Many BATCH operations - perform operations on multiple images at a time: Rename, Rotate, Resize
  • JPG Saver - Allows saving a JPG image in any quality setting versus file size.
  • Creates HTML Photo Albums that may be viewed in any Web Browser - Share with Friends and Family .
  • Photo Organizer
  • Slide Show

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Platform: Windows
4.7 MB

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