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How To Draw Dotted Lines With Photoshop - Stroke a Path Method


Many advanced options are hidden in Photoshop's Brushes palette. By adjusting the spacing we can create a custom brush to make dotted lines. This method uses a path and the paintbrush tool.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 2 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Select the Rectangle tool (U).
  2. In the options bar click the button for paths.
  3. Click and drag out a rectangular path in your document.
  4. Select the paintbrush tool. (B)
  5. Open the brushes palette if it is not showing. (Window -> Brushes)
  6. Click on Brush Presets and choose an appropriately-sized, hard, round brush.
  7. Click on Brush Tip Shape and set the spacing to a number higher than 100%. The preview will give you an idea how the spacing will look.
  8. While you're in the Brush Tip Shape properties panel, you can also adjust the diameter and hardness if desired.
  9. Click Scattering in the Brushes Palette and make sure scatter is set to 0%.
  10. Open the Paths Palette if it is not showing. (Window -> Paths)
  11. Select the rectangular path you created in step 3.
  12. Click the "Stroke path with brush" button on the paths palette.


  1. Any path can be stroked with a brush. Selections can be converted to paths for stroking.
  2. You can save your custom brush as a preset by choosing New Brush from the brushes palette menu.
  3. Very small brushes sometimes skip a dot. I don't know why, but you can fill them in by clicking once with the brush in the skipped spot.
  4. Experiment with shaped brushes and the Scattering options in the brushes palette. There's some powerful stuff hidden in the brushes palette!

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