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Readers Respond: Favorite Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

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Every Photoshop user has their personal favorite selection of keyboard shortcuts they consider essential. Tell us about the Photoshop and Photoshop Elements keyboard shortcuts you use the most. Share Your Shortcuts

fill and actions

I use the shft key plus F5 on my Mac to fill. It brings up the box to choose foreground or background colors. I use foreground colors 99% of the time & it is the default, so I just hit enter & am done. The best time saver is to create actions for each series of steps that I use frequently. The photos that come from my camera are never the size or ppi I prefer, & I have preferred color & contrast settings that work on about 9 out of 10 photos that come from my camera, so I create actions that correct all of those with a quick click. I create copyright notices for the current year, one in black & one in white. Occasionally I change the color after it is on the image, but usually those suffice. That also prevents me from making typos when I'm in a hurry. It's rather embarrassing to spell one's own name incorrectly.
—Guest Carol P

Save for Web!

My favorite is apple+option+shift+S. What a lifesaver...
—Guest Stephanie

Ctrl Z

Control Z of course!!! One of the benefits of digital developing over darkroom work. You can "undo" things digitally.

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Favorite Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

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