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The Big Electric Cat

Submit an Entry: Users Celebrate 20 Years of Photoshop

By Rostel

The Big Electric Cat

Lightning strikes (Click the image to see full-size with animation.)

The Big Electric Cat

A shocking experience (Click the image to see full-size with animation.)

My Photoshop Creation

Birthday card for Photoshop

How I Did It:

I started with the image from Sue's 20 years of Photoshop, the Big Electric Cat. Using CS2, I changed the colors of the original using hue/sat, and 2 color variation were made on separate layers. Lightening brushes were used on transparent layers. The animation was then done done in PS CS2.

Lessons Learned

  • I learned how to create and save animations so that I could go back into them to change them after they were completed. This was done by saving the image as a Tiff file or a PSD file to preserve the layers and the animation palette. Then I saved them as a gif as an animation.
  • I learned how to adjust the animation document size down so that it could be posted on the forum. This can be partially done first in Photoshop, and then there are many smaller adjustments that can be done in the save for web settings.

Which products in the Photoshop family do you use?

Photoshop 7, PS CS2, and Illustrator CS2.

What was the first version of Photoshop you used?

Elements 4

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