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Abandoned Gas Station in Center Hill Florida by Shane

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By Shane

Abandoned Gas Station in Center Hill Florida by Shane

Old abandoned gas station in Center Hill, Florida.

About the HDR Image:

This is from a old abandoned gas station in Center Hill Florida. This is the top half of the outdoor bathroom. I happen to be working in the area and when I saw the old gas station, I had to investigate. The gas pumps were long gone but a Kerosene pump was still there with $1.21 per gallon on the price dial. I love these old buildings and tried a few HDR specific images. This one I named ''Tattered"

Equipment, Software and Techniques Used:

Nikon D40, ISO 200, White Balance Auto (I like for HDR), 23mm, flash used on the 1st image, shot at f/8. 5 Hand held shots in Manual mode Adjusting the exposure only 1/30s, 1/40s, 1/50s, 1/60s 1/80s. Cropped images as needed.

Tips and Tricks

  • The best tip I can give is to experiment. No two HDR images will be alike.
  • Try using the flash in one of 4-5 images and do another set without the flash and see the difference.

Is photography your profession or a hobby?


How long have you been interested in photography?

About 2 years.

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