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Family Heritage Scrapbook

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By Digidiva100

Family Heritage Scrapbook

Great Uncle Willie

Family Heritage Scrapbook

Wedding Announcement

About the Digital Scrapbook Layout

This layout was created as part of a family heritage scrapbook. I was inspired by many old family photographs in my collection that I had never done anything with.

Software and Techniques Used

I used Photoshop CS4. I used a background, ribbon and frame that I purchased in kits along with the scanned photos and marriage certificate. I replaced the bride and groom originally on the certificate with a photo of the couple using a layer mask.


  • When scanning, use the advanced mode so that you can control the tones and contrast in the image as the default contrast may be set too high for old low contrast photos.
  • Use hue/saturation adjustment layers to tweak colors that don't match the background or have an off-color cast. With adjustment layers you can go back and make changes later as needed.
  • Use Levels or Curves adjustment layers for tone adjustments.
  • Clip your adjustment layers to the layer that you want them to affect.
  • Use drop shadows to "lift" your elements off the page for a 3 dimensional effect

What software do you use for digital scrapbooking? Why?

I use Photoshop CS4 because it has all the tools I need such as native layer masks although it's relatively easy to utilize layer masks in Photoshop Elements.

What got you started in digital scrapbooking?

I wanted to preserve the old family photos and share the printed project with my sister.

Where do your get your inspiration?

Looking at other people's scrapbook pages online and my own imagination and the elements that I have to work with.

Tell us about yourself (experience, web site, etc.)

I have been a Photoshop user for several years and I restore old photos for myself and others. My website is http://heritagephotos.net

Sue Chastain, About.com Graphics Software, says:

Beautiful layouts and excellent advice! Thank you for submitting, DigiDiva100.

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