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Reader Submissions: Original Digital Paintings

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Join our community of users who are willing to share their enthusiasm and knowledge of graphics software! You can promote your own work while enhancing the graphics software community and helping other members. Show off your original digital art work created from a blank canvas using a pixel-based "painting" program such as Painter, ArtRage, Sketchbook, or Photoshop, along with a description of your techniques and tips. Your contributions are intended to inspire creativity, encourage learning, and enhance the graphics software community. Please keep this in mind as you respond thoughtfully to the questions below.

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Tell us about this digital painting. When was it done? What was your inspiration? Was a reference image used?
Tell us about the software tools and techniques used in this painting and how you approached the piece.

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Share your best digital painting tips and advice, or any lessons you learned while creating this piece.

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