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Autumn on Capitol Hill by Norma

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By Norma Struthers

Autumn on Capitol Hill by Norma

Autumn on Capitol Hill Denver

About the Digital Painting

This was an open studio project from the Painter talk group. The project was autumn. I cloned an old Black and white photo from the 1950's Then set up a color set in Painter.

Software and Techniques Used

I used painter X. I like the layer technique and unique color setting tools.

In Paint Shop Pro I created leaf shapes and turned them into tubes.

I like the size reduction ability of tubes in Paint Shop Pro.

I added these tubes on a clean layer and when it looked right I reduced the layer opacity and the effect setting to the effect I liked.

This process was repeated several times on new layers.

Then back to Painter for final touch up.

It sounds simple but did take a long while to finish.


  • Get a good digital drawing board and stylus. Even the smallest one is a great aid.

What software and hardware do you use for digital art?

Painter X, ArtRage, Paint Shop Pro and occasionally Photoshop Elements.

When and how did you get started in digital art?

I started with stationery.

Where do your get your inspiration?


Tell us about yourself (experience, web site, etc.)

I was an Fine arts major in college years. I gravitated to Interior Design and did drafting and interior and often exterior drawings. When I retired I went back to art then I found the computer. Woopee!

Sue Chastain, About.com Graphics Software, says:

Lovely detail in this painting. Thanks for sharing!
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