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Reader Submissions: Original Digital Paintings


Browse a collection of original digital art work created primarily using a pixel-based "painting" program like Corel Painter, ArtRage, Autodesk Sketchbook, or Adobe Photoshop. The digital art in this collection was created by visitors of varying skill levels from a blank canvas or a scanned sketch. Browse these digital paintings to learn from our members and see what kind of results can be achieved with a little graphics software know-how.

Split Woman by Lani Alexis Shepard

I started out doing the initial painting using ArtRage Studio Pro. Once the basic painting was completed, I went back and forth using Corel Painter 11 and ArtRage to use different effects and to crea…More

Paisley Hendrix by Littlemoondesigns

Android apps including Corel, Paintup, Sketchup, among others. some special effects using picsin, photoshop, fishbowl, etc. Simple scrolls and fine linear weblike lines using symmetry to provide a mi…More

The Wedge at Newport Beach by Karen Sperling

Corel PainterI used traditional oil painting techniques to paint this painting, including painting from dark to light. I used a complementary color scheme and added some colors on either side on the …More

Idra Port by Karen Sperling

Corel Painter.I wanted to emulate the look of traditional watercolors so I left white areas like a traditional watercolor painting has areas of white where the paper shows through. I also painted thi…More

Happisburgh Lighthouse by Karen Sperling

Corel PainterI changed the composition of the original photo. The lighthouse was in the middle of the photo and I moved it off center for the painting. The source photo had clear blue skies and I pai…More

Blending the Elements of Creation

ArtMaticPro, Photoshop 7, and Photoshop Extended CS5.Without Photoshop and the power of Apple computers this image would never have been more than a rough and tumble, quite useless design of colors a…More

Autumn on Capitol Hill by Norma

I used painter X. I like the layer technique and unique color setting tools. In Paint Shop Pro I created leaf shapes and turned them into tubes.I like the size reduction ability of tubes in Paint Sho…More

Early Fall by Hoffner Art

I alternate between Corel Painter 11 and Photoshop CS4 using the tools from each to get the colors and textures I want. I usually paint very freely in layers fading them into the composition. I build…More

Apple A Day by Joan A Hamilton

Corel Painter 11 was used. I used the digital watercolour and wet watercolour brushes and some custom brushes created by myself or Skip Allen. The digital brushes were used on the base layer and the …More

ASIA Stamp - Airbrushed Photo Art Technique

Photoshop 6 and my Nikon F2 using Kodak 200 speed film. The image was scanned into Photoshop using my UMAX scanner at 150 dpi and enlarged to 8.5x11 inches. Using the photo as my background layer, I …More

The Herbalist

I used Photoshop Elements as my tool of choice. I used the brush tool and the blur effect quite a bit. And I found that using layers was very helpful when I wanted to blur a particular area without a…More

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