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Thanksgiving Turkey Triptych by Huntstrong

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By huntstrong

Thanksgiving Turkey Triptych by Huntstrong

Happy Thanksgiving to all

My Holiday Project

I made this montage for the Thanksgiving challenge here on About.com.

Project Details and Instructions

I used Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.

I found three coloring pages online at various websites by searching for coloring book pages for Thanksgiving. I painted each using the paint bucket tool and assorted colors. I put a green tint rectangular shape behind them. I added warped text with a shadow. Then added lowered opacity brushes of leaves and trees for added depth.

Tips and Tricks

  • I would change the color scheme next time I did this - make it look more warm. Eliminate the green.

Sue Chastain, About.com Graphics Software, says:

Nice job on this fun and festive Thanksgiving greeting! I like your idea of using coloring book pages. Thanks for sharing!
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