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Snow Flake Design

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By Rostel

Snow Flake Design

Snow flake design from an abstract image by Rostel

Snow Flake Design

A variation of the snow flake design becomes a greeting card by Rostel

My Holiday Project

I used a snowflake that I created from one of the starting images in the Abstract Challenge from last week. Dave suggested the possibility of using areas in the snowflake as frames for pictures, and I thought it was a cool idea. It turned out to be a generic seasons greetings card for use mainly as e-mail messages.

Project Details and Instructions

I selected 4 pictures to use and pasted them in my original image. I selected the "frame" area around each one, and added a layer style to make them look more like frames. I enlarged the canvas, filled it with black for the background, then used the pen tool to make the background shape and added a gradient I made and a stroke also with a gradient to create satin-like effect and give the image some depth. The rest was done with canvas extensions.

Tips and Tricks

  • I originally tried to use 3 different sized copies of the snowflake, but decided that the image was too busy and wound up with just the one.
  • I had so many layers going on that I found it helpful to create separate folders so I could keep track of them and move the contents around together. I wanted to keep the layers separate for awhile so that I could go back and edit the them before I was ready to merge them.
  • I used some smart objects so I could transform them back and forth without losing resolution. You can edit the contents of the smart objects by choosing layers/smart object/edit contents.
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