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Festive Christmas Scrapbook 2-Page Spread

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By LostawayBonnie

Festive Christmas Scrapbook 2-Page Spread

Christmas Day

Festive Christmas Scrapbook 2-Page Spread

The extended family Christmas Day

My Holiday Project

For Christmas we always take pictures in front of the tree and I made this scrapbook page.

Project Details and Instructions

I made this project in Heritage Makers using already made cluster frames. I chose a kit and got to work! It didn't take very long, but I did have some challenges along the way. I love using kits because it looks so good and the layouts get done so much faster.

Tips and Tricks

  • The big challenge was getting the photos to fit inside the frames.
  • Also, the ball was blank inside and you could see my sister sitting on the couch, so I had to fill it in. ;)

Sue Chastain, About.com Graphics Software, says:

Thanks for sharing this fun and festive layout!
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